Why Microchip a Dog?What is the Price of Microchipping a Dog?

Why microchip a dog?

The United Kingdom has passed legislation that takes effect in April 2016 that all dogs must be microchipped.

There are several benefits to microchiping a dog.  Many dogs are lost every year.  Many of these dogs are not reunited with their owners.  If the dog has no collar, there is no easy way to find the owner.  With a current microchip registration, the dog owner can be identified and found. 

Not only does this eliminate the grief of the dog owner, it also saves the government and non- Why Microchip a Dog?profit corporations huge sums of money in the dog in shelters, etc.

What is the price of microchipping a dog?

The price is fairly cheap – generally less than $20.00.  This is a small cost for the dog owner’s peace of mind.  Lost dogs are not always found.  But the microchip increases the odds of the dog and its owner being reunited.

I read an article in TheDogFiles.com that discusses the United Kingdom’s legislation.  It discusses the topics of why microchip a dog and the price of microchipping a dog.  The title of the article is “United Kingdom Makes Microchipping Mandatory” by Renee Rhoades-Harrison.

Here is a quote from this article:

No longer in the UK will owners have to think about microchipping their pets, the decision is going to be made for them, by law.

Members of the UK Parliament have joined with their Kennel Club and the Microchipping Alliance in a reminder to the general UK public of the benefits of microchipping and the importance of keeping the details of their owners updated. This has been held as part of National Microchipping Month 2012, which takes places throughout June, and it comes after the government has announced their package of measures to deal with irresponsible dog ownership which proposes bringing forward compulsory microchipping.

This means microchipping will be mandatory for all dogs by April 2016. The cost of microchipping is around £20-£30 ($13-$20) and the government says that owners who refuse to abide by the changes to the Animal Welfare Act will face a fine of up to £500 ($330).

The microchips, which are implanted in the shoulder blades of the dog, are as small as a grain of rice with a code that once scanned by the appropriate machine and input into a database divulges the full contact details of its owners to the vets.

The entire article can be read here.

Have you ever wanted to know the price of microchipping a dog?  As you can see, the cost is pretty minor.  I feel this article gives us some good benefits on why microchip a dog.

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