What are the Best Dogs for Children?

What are the best dogs for children?

I have always heard that specific breeds of dogs get along best with children.  In particular, Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers do very well with kids.  I’ve seen these breeds of dogs with children and they get along great together.

But you should not rely entirely on the breed of dog.  Each of these breeds can have dogs that are not right for your children and you.

You need to spend more time and do more research in finding the perfect dog for your family.

In the past I have given you some tips for training your dog when you have young children at home.  But your best alternative is to select a dog that gets along with your children from the very beginning.

I read an excellent article in The Daily Puppy that helps you determine what are the best dogs for children.  It is entitled, “How to Pick a Dog Breed Good for Kids” by Katherine Barrington.

I have quoted part of the article below.  I have only listed 3 steps to follow.  But Ms. Barrington lists a total of 10 steps.  So you need to read the entire article.  You will be very happy you did in the long run.

Here is the quote:


When selecting a dog breed for your children you must take the personalities and tendencies of your children into account just as much as the temperament of the dogs themselves. Many breeds of dog are compatible with children — it may simply depend how gentle the children are with the dog whether or not they will get along. Once you have selected a breed of dog for your children, spend some time preparing your children for dog ownership. To make the transition easier for both your kids and your new dog, educate your children on the responsibilities of owning a pet.

Step 1

Decide whether your children are old enough to help take care of a dog. Puppies are generally not recommended for young children — if you have young children, consider bringing home a dog over the age of 5 months.

Step 2

Talk to your children about what kind of dog they want. Because many breeds of dog are good with children, you can narrow down the pool of options by asking your kids what kind of dogs they like.

Step 3

Decide what size dog you want. Keep in mind that small breed dogs are better for older, more mature children because young children can be rough with small dogs. On the other hand, large breed dogs may not be best for small children because the dog could accidentally knock the children over.

The entire article can be read here.  

As the article points out, with a little bit of extra effort, you can be pretty certain you select the dog that is the best fit for your children and your entire family.

Have you ever had to decide what are the best dogs for children?  I would like to hear your comments.

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