Walking Your Dog on a Leash – Collar or Harness?

Walking your dog on a leash

It is much safer for you to walk your dog on a leash.  Off leash walking is dangerous unless your dog is very well trained.

But should you attach the leash to the dog’s collar or to a harness? 

Many argue that a dog’s throat is unlike that of a human.  But the fact is that they are   Walking Your Dog on a Leashsimilar.  We would never attach a leash to a collar around our child’s neck.  We would be concerned about injuring our child.

Studies have shown that there is a correlation between dog neck injuries and those dogs that have been exposed to some kind of leash pulling or jerking for those wearing collars.

It has been found that dogs wearing collars have suffered eye injuries, ear injuries, damage to their thyroid, behavior problems, and spinal issues and other neck related problems. .

I read a very comprehensive article on walking your dog on a leash.  It is found in Dogmantics Dog Training Blog and is entitled, “Is it harmful attach a leash to your to dog’s neck?

I must admit that I walked my dogs for many years with a leash attached to its collar.  I never considered that this could be harmful.

But I have changed.  For the last few years, the leash has been attached my dog’s harness.  That makes perfect sense.

Here is a quote from the article:

People who live with dogs for companionship and friendship all want what is physically and psychologically best for their dog.  We get dogs as companions in order to experience friendship, trust and to take care of another living creature that depends on us for their wellbeing.  Many of us have a sense of pride when it comes to taking care of our beloved dogs, so finding out about information that conflicts with how we are already caring for our pet can feel like a personal affront.

I used to walk dogs with the leash attached to a collar or slip lead until I was confronted by someone who suggested I use harnesses instead to prevent neck injury.  I felt harassed, annoyed and in disbelief that this ‘know it all’ dare lecture me on how I take care of dogs, because I love my dogs dearly!  I also felt a feeling of shame from the social interaction of being told I was doing something wrong by a stranger in a public place.  Although the information hurt, a seed was planted in my brain and it began to grow.  It has only been a handful of years since I started using only harnesses on dogs and wince when I see a dog hit the end of their lead on a collar.

In this article I will attempt to convince you for your dog’s quality of life and physical wellbeing to not to attach a leash to your dog’s throat.  Be it for any reason such as obeying leash laws, managing behavior, or being in a serious rush to get out the door.  I strive to put forth the information in a way that will not cause the reader the feelings I felt when I first was asked to consider using a harness instead of a collar.

Here is the entire article.

What do you do when you are walking your dog on a leash? Do you attach it to your dog’s collar or do you use a harness?  When I started using a harness, it seemed like the right thing to do.  Thanks for reading.

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