Volunteering at Dog Shelters if You Can’t Adopt a Dog

Volunteering at Dog Shelters

You might say I am on a real kick these days.  It seems that all I write about is adopting a dog from a shelter.  Volunteering at Dog Shelters

For various reasons, we are not all able to do that.  But one thing we can all probably do is animal shelter volunteering. 

Some people don’t thing they are the” volunteer” type.  But it’s really not that bad.

At first, we may feel that we don’t know what we are doing and are just getting in the way.   But most of us feel that way when we are starting a new job.

Pretty soon new volunteers will be coming to us asking for direction.

I read a nice article in the blog, Dogster.com.  Kelly Dougher has written the article “I Can’t Adopt a Dog, So I’m Volunteering at a Shelter.”

Here is a quote from her article:

A confession: I am not big on volunteering. This aversion can probably be attributed to a bad experience I had in high school, when I volunteered at a stable that gave disabled children horse-riding lessons. I was painfully shy and didn’t know anything about horses, and all the other workers and volunteers were too busy to deal with me. Most of the time, I was given a broom and told to sweep.

Whenever I remember that time period, I don’t really have any memories of pride or gratification for having helped people. It’s mostly feelings of being awkward, useless and super cold.

Despite those old fears, I started this week. I was worried about being in the way. I was worried that I wouldn’t know enough, or that I wouldn’t be particularly helpful. I was worried about being ignored or snapped at by busy volunteers who knew what they were doing. I was worried about having to clean up really nasty dog poops. I was worried about falling in love with all the dogs I’m not allowed to bring home.

All of those things happened. But you know what? It wasn’t the worst thing ever. For every curt volunteer, there was a friendly one who explained things to me. I am not yet the most efficient or helpful volunteer, but I’m going to keep showing up until that changes.

All of the dogs and cats there are sweet and lovable, and I feel bad for them. They’re stuck in a bad place. If I could, I would adopt all of them. I figure that the next best thing I can do is to show up in my spare time and take them out for some fresh air or otherwise give them attention.

You can read this entire article here.

Have you ever considered volunteering at dog shelters?  This article may help you if you are reluctant to do this.  I would love to hear your comments and stories you want to mention.

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