Veterinarian Fees for Dogs May Prevent Regular Checkups

Do veterinarian fees for dogs prevent regular checkups and office visits?  Over 50% of those who do not make routine visits indicate that cost is a factor.  These owners take the dog to the vet in case of a serious illness. 

As we all know, this approach can be far more expensive than taking your dog for regular checkups.  A routine vet visit may detect an illness before it has a chance to develop.  The cost to treat a developed disease can be far more than the cost of regular vet visits.

Of course, I do understand that today’s economy is hurting many, many people.  Providing for your family’s needs takes top priority.  But don’t just use that as an excuse for not taking your dog for regular vet visits.

I read a recent article that discusses veterinarian fees for dogs.  It focuses on the average cost of vet visits.  The article is entitled “ Poll: Average vet bills over $500 last year; 1 in 6 pets faced serious illness.”  Here is a quote from the article:

Vet visits cost pet owners an average of $505 dollars last year, according to a new poll, with those whose pets faced serious illness spending more than $1,000 on average.

Eight in 10 pet owners took their animal companion to a veterinarian in the past 12 months. And cost was an obstacle for a third of those who did not visit the vet.

But most pet owners trust that vets are not suggesting unnecessary treatments, and the bulk of pet owners faced costs below the average. Sixty percent of those who did take a pet to the vet spent $300 or less on their animal’s care, the average expenditure was boosted higher by the one in eight (13 percent) who spent $1,000 or more.

About one in six pet owners say their pet faced a serious illness during the year, and those pet owners spent an average of $1,092 on vet care. One percent say they took their pets to the vet and spent no money.

The entire article can be read here.

How do veterinarian fees for dogs affect you?  Do you find the cost of vet visits excessive?  Does the cost prevent you from taking your dog for routine office visits?  I certainly understand the need to prioritize your monthly expenses.  Thanks for your input.  I wish you the very best.

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