Unhealthy Food for Dogs vs. Healthy Dog Food

Unhealthy Food for Dogs vs. Healthy Dog Food – I came across a petition that demands that something be done regarding unhealthy food for dogs. 

I then read an article by Susan Thixton, the person who instigated the petition.  I have great respect for Ms. Thixton.  She has repeatedly fought for pet food consumers in fighting against unhealthy food for dogs.  The article is entitled “PFI’s Dr. Dzanis Speaks Poorly of Our Petition.

The article discusses the topic of unhealthy food for dogs vs. healthy dog food.

I quoted a portion of the article below.  I agree with the objective of the petition.  I have heard of many of the horrible ingredients that go into pet food.  You can read the quote to learn the basics of her petition. 

The scary fact to me is the response from Dr. David A. Dzanis who writes for the Pet Food Industry and member of the AAFCO Pet Food Committee. 

Dr. Dzanis seems to dismiss the petition.  He seems to make fun of the fact that there have not been many signatures to the petition.  When discussing the complexity of signing the petition, he says “I find it hard to believe the process is too complicated.”

I must say that I did sign the petition.  But it is not particularly easy.  Even more, for someone who is not computer literate, the process may be very difficult. 

He refers to the successful petition signing by supporters of marijuana law reform.  I am somewhat familiar with what happened here.  My guess is that most of those who signed the marijuana law reform petition were younger and more computer literate.  I could be wrong.

But I do feel that the petition is legitimate.  I feel that if people knew all the facts, there would be more signatures to the petition regarding unhealthy food for dogs.

What does it mean that Dr. Dzanis tends to dismiss the objective of the petition?  Is he aware of some of the things that go into our dog food and just doesn’t care?  Is he not in favor of providing healthy dog food.

Is he willing to investigate some of these claims?  If he isn’t, that is a big problem.

Here is the quote:

Dr. Dzanis just wrote about our petition for the Whitehouse.gov We the People program.
“Briefly, the petition contends that under current FDA enforcement policy, petfoods are allowed to be processed using materials from diseased, downed and euthanized animals, as well as those containing rodent feces and insect infestations, which it sees in violation of FFDCA.”

“At the time of this writing, three days after the petition was posted, it had received approximately 400 signatures, or about 135 per day. Reportedly, many people have been having trouble logging on to the site to submit their signatures. I understand that some websites do not make it easy to interact, but considering that tens of thousands of supporters of marijuana law reform have been successful in signing petitions on the site, I find it hard to believe the process is too complicated.”

Dr. Dzanis…did you sign the petition?  C’mon Dr. D – you say…
“I’d like to see it reach that threshold if only to see the official response”.  So go ahead, step out of your comfort zone…stand up for what is right…why not sign our petition?  Oh, and Dr. D…if you have trouble signing our petition, (“reportedly” the Whitehouse.gov website doesn’t work very well) maybe you – as a Veterinarian and Regulatory Committee Member – you could stand up for the health and well being of animals yourself.

The entire article can be read here.

I suggest that you read this complete article.

I agree with Ms. Thixton.  No matter what happens to this petition, the topic of unhealthy food for dogs needs to be pursued.  I appreciate your comments.

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