To Adopt a Rescue Dog Will Save a Dog’s Life

Adopt a rescue dog

We have discussed this many times before.  For one reason or another, owners abandon their dogs.

This is sad enough.  Many of these dogs are killed or die of starvation.  But many of abandoned dogs are picked up and placed in rescue shelters.  Despite the outstanding work by these organizations, many of these dogs are euthanized. 

The two dogs I have most recently owned were both rescue dogs.  One was found on the side of the road along with her brothers and sisters.

Adopt a Rescue Dog - Save a Dog's Life

Romeo and Scott

The other dog was adopted from a rescue shelter.  Romeo is closing in on ten years old.  He is the sweetest dog we have ever owned.  He still looks like a puppy.  He is a major part of our lives.  I don’t know what my life would be without him.

I feel that rescuing those two dogs probably saved their lives.  I ask that you might consider adopting a rescue dog.  In many cases, it will save a dog’s life.

I recently watched a video found in the excellent blog,  This is a heart warming story that I hope you will watch.  The name of the video is “Rescuing Watson, the Three Legged Dog.”

Please watch the video.  Thanks.

Have you ever considered adopting a rescue dog?  Or did you actually adopt a rescue dog?  What kind of experience are you having with the dog?  Thanks for any comments you want to leave.  I wish you and your dog the very best!!

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