The Best Quality Dog Food at a Very Affordable Cost

The Best Quality Dog Food is available at a very affordable cost.  Probably most people are not aware of this fact.

Dog owners must consider the cost per serving or the cost per day in determining what dog food to buy.  The cost of the bag does not give you an appropriate comparison.

If you are buying dog food just because it is cheap, you are doing your dog a real disservice. 

I read an article that discusses the best quality dog food at an affordable cost.  The article is entitled, “The Real Cost of Life’s Abundance.”  The author is completely accurate when he describes the real cost of this high quality dog food.

Here is a quote from the article:

Many people simply don’t realize that feeding a high quality, healthy food like Life’s Abundance is more affordable than most commercial brands.

A big mistake when buying a bag of dog food or cat food is to only consider the price of the bag.  This kind of price shopping tells you little to nothing about the actual cost to feed your pet.

When it comes to cost, consider the following…price per pound and price per feeding.  This will give you a more accurate idea of what it really costs to properly feed your pet.

Price Per Pound

First, let’s talk about price per pound. Most premium dog foods in the pet store will usually start at about $2.00 per pound and go up to $3.00 per pound.  A good quality cat food will start at about $3.00 per pound.  This is the first way to judge the true cost of a pet food.  This is also not unlike the way we shop for meats, fruits, or vegetables.

Price Per Feeding

Second, let’s examine price per feeding.  Just because it appears you are saving money on that “bargain brand”, doesn’t mean you are.  You may actually be spending more.  It often takes up to twice as much bargain brand food to equal one serving of Life’s Abundance because of more digestibilty (not to mention better quality).  So in reality, you may actually be buying double the amount of pet food and not saving money at all.

Consider the following example of cost per feeding for a 15 pound adult dog.
If you were to buy a lower cost grocery store brand like Beneful dog food, the cost for a 3.5 lb bag would be about $5.50.  Alternatively, the cost for a 8lb bag of Life’s Abundance dog food would cost about $14.90, giving the appearance that Life’s Abundance is much more expensive per bag.  However, the cost per feeding is amazingly different.
The cost of feeding beneful dog food would be about .59 cents per day while the Lifes Abundance dog food would be about .56 cents per day (includes approx. tax & shipping).  Therefore, to feed Beneful dog food for 1 month would cost $17.70.  The cost to feed Life’s Abundance for the same 15lb dog would be only $16.80.

The entire article can be read here.

The author goes on to say that the Life’s Abundance dog food and any of the company’s products have never been recalled.  All ingredients in the food are from domestic vendors, unlike most dog food that includes ingredients purchased from foreign countries, solely for the purpose of keeping their costs down.

Do you buy the best quality dog food?  Do you do your research and determine the true cost of the food you are buying?  Thanks for your comments.

I have mentioned this in other posts.  I am in the process of moving from Tampa back to middle Tennessee.  Because of all the packing we are doing and the fact that I will not have internet service, I will not be posting for up to 2 weeks.  Thank you for bearing with me during this period.

I wish everyone the very best with your pets.  You are great readers and are wonderful pet owners!!!  You can reach me by email at (I will check my email occasionally) or toll free at 877-878-4036.  Thanks.

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