The Best Quality Dog Food Aroma Does Not Need to be Masked

The best quality dog food aroma does not have to be masked

Unfortunately, many low quality dog foods are being masked so that they smell good to dog owners.  This is a very startling fact. 

Two companies, SPF and Firmenich, have partnered together to produce pet foods that smell good to the pet owner.

I must say that I find this very discouraging.  At a time when we are seeing more new pet food recalls and warnings, pet food vendors should be focusing their attention on providing better quality pet food.  Instead they are investing money in producing pet food aromas that deceive the pet owner.

We must find out what pet food vendors are using this new method.  Their names should be publicized.  Hopefully, pet owners will steer clear of the food they manufacture.

I read an article on this topic.  It discusses the fact that some low quality pet food is being treated with perfume.  The article is entitled, “Masking Low Quality Pet Food With Perfume.”  Ariel Wulff is the author.  She is also an artist and animal advocate.  You can read more about her at the bottom of the article.

The best quality dog food does not need to be masked.  Here is a brief quote from the article.

While pet owners have been banding together in recent weeks to get tainted jerky treats pulled off of store shelves and obsessing about where the ingredients in their pet food are sourced, an industry insider today revealed a new mind-boggling surprise for consumers in the works from the petfood industry.

SPF, “the palatability company” that the pet food industry goes to for food flavoring has launched a new Feel Good Program, in partnership with Firmenich, a perfume and flavor company, that will allow petfood manufacturers to create petfood that smells pleasing to pet owners.

The plan was debuted at Victam Asia last month. Victam is the world’s leading trade show for the feed, grain and biomass industries. At the industry show in Bangkok, SPF announced their partnership with Firmenich to develop the program. The goal is to provide odors like roasted chicken, Italian seasoning and beef to mask the natural odor of lower quality dry and canned pet foods.

Elodie Revéret, research project manager for SPF said the companies worked to prove that the odors, which can be customized for petfood manufacturers, will last throughout the shelf life of the products.

The entire article can be read here.  I encourage you to read the complete article.

The best quality dog food relies on the natural aroma of its dog food.

Have you heard of vendors adding perfume and special aromas to dog food?  That’s pretty scary.  Or do you seek the best quality of dog food for your dog?

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