The Benefits of Massage for Dogs

Massage for dogs is becoming very popular.  The reasons for its popularity are the many benefits it provides. 

For one thing, it helps dogs who are suffering from a high level of stress.  It also provides physical therapy for dogs that have been through some type of surgery or injury.

Massage for dogs helps those who have hip dysplasia, arthritis, and other painful joint problems.

So what are the benefits of massage for dogs?  It reduces stress and assists in relaxation.  It helps to decrease pain.  It increases range of motion, improves muscle tone, and improves joint flexibility.  It helps to reduce swelling and improves circulation.  There are many other benefits to canine massage.

I watched a video that demonstrates two methods of massage for dogs.  The video is included in a brief article called “Canine Massage Video.”  I strongly encourage you to see the video.  It’s very short.

Here is a brief quote from the article:

I am so happy to share with you the below video from Dr. Sarah (staff Veterinarian of Life’s Abundance Pet Food) about canine massage.

The holidays can be stressful for humans and pets so what perfect timing to share this video which not only instructs you how to do 2 massages but SO many great ideas and tips about relaxation.

The video can be viewed here.

I have to say that I haven’t done a true dog massage before.  We have had a lot of company over the last few days.  My little dog was somewhat upset with all the commotion.  So I decided to give my dog a massage as demonstrated in the video.

He absolutely loved it.  I slowly and lightly rubbed both sides and his back.  I wish I could have heard what he had to say about it.  He was so relaxed and very much at peace.

Of course, there are professionals who will massage your dog.  I’m sure that they would do a much better job than I did.

If your dog had been through a surgery or had been injured, I recommend that you use a professional to perform the massage.

Have you ever performed massage for dogs?  Have you hired a professional to massage your dog?  I wish everyone a great day.

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