Should You Change Dog Food on Special Occasions?

Should You Change Dog Food?  Or should you stay with the dog food your dog is accustomed to eating? 

Does a dog get tired of the same food every day?  A dog does not care for a different dog food occasionally.  In that way, dogs are different from humans. 

Changing a dogs food is a mistake.  I’m not saying that it is the end of the world.  But dogs are happy with their regular food as long as it is a healthy dog food.

My dog eats a nutritious, healthy dog food each day.  We sometimes add some canned dog food to his dry food.  This is not because he doesn’t enjoy his regular food.

We know he loves the canned food.  But we also know that the dry food is much better for him.  It is more nutritious and improves his dental health.  So we feed him the dry food most of the time.

This is a very healthy canned food so we know he is getting great nutrition when some is added to his dry food.

We are also taking a chance.  Some dogs have a difficult time switching back to their regular food if some thing special is added to their regular food.  Cats, in particular, get used to the texture of their regular food.

Fortunately, my dog loves the Life’s Abundance healthy dry dog food.

I read an article that discusses the problem when you change dog food on special occasions.  In this situation. The author has some problems getting her dogs to eat after a few days at relative’s house where a special treat is added to their regular food.

The article is “Over the Fence: Spoiled dogs will eventually eat” by Jane Lethlean of the Journal Standard.  Here is a quote from the article:

When I took some time off work a week ago, I spent time at my brother Steve’s house. Wisconsin is my favorite place to visit. His home on the lake is my retreat. And my dogs Tanner and Jasper love to go, because they not only do they get to be spoiled, but they get to play with their cousin Tundra.

Now, mind you, my dogs get the best dog food money can buy. I do not go cheap when it comes to feeding my dogs. Animals are just like people. They need the proper nutrients in their diet like we do, so I break the bank. But, my dogs only get dry dog food, which seems to suit their taste buds just fine, until I visit my brother.

When Steve’s dog Mocha began to age, he started frying up some hamburger to mix with her dry dog food. Steve buys his hamburger at a meat locker — no store bought for this dog. Then he fries the burger and keeps it in the fridge. Mocha died this past year. Now they have Tundra, a yellow lab.

Then each day when it comes to feed the dog, out comes the hamburger, which is then doled out into a bowl. A bit of water is mixed in to create a broth, which is then microwaved. Then dry dog food is added for texture.

My dogs got used to eating this way for a week, while I visited. There were even a few days when steak was mixed in with the food. Needless to say, this food was a hit with my dogs. I think they must have thought they died and went to heaven.

The complete article is here.  Ms. Lethlean eventually got her dogs to go back to their regular diet after changing a dogs food.

This is a good reason that we should not give special food gifts for dogs for Christmas.

Did you ever change dog food?  It’s not easy to do.  But it is worth it if you are changing from an unhealthy food to a nutritious one.

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