Should I Get My Dog Neutered?

Should I get my dog neutered?

This is a controversial topic.  Many people feel that all dogs and cats should be neutered.  Others disagree.

There appears to be some health benefits in having dogs neutered.

I have always heard that dogs should be neutered as soon as they are old enough.  There are so many dogs and cats running around.  They are not owned by a person.

They generally get into trouble.  They are generally picked up by an animal control agency.  Most of them end up being put to sleep.  That’s a sad ending to a dog’s life.

But others believe that the dog is not the irresponsible one.  Instead, it’s the original dog owner that is completely responsible for their animal.  If they don’t plan on breeding the dog, then they should probably be neutered.  That is the responsible thing to do.

But what if the dog is a high quality pet?  We need more of this type of dog.  In this case, it may be in our best interest that the dog not be neutered, at least not initially.  It is the dog owner’s responsibility to find another high quality dog for breeding purposes.

I read a recent article that discusses of should I get my dog neutered.  It is entitled, “Irresponsible Ownership: Whats Neutering Got To Do With It?” by Chirag Patel.  Here is a quote from the article:

There have been some discussion about irresponsible ownership and it inspired me to write part two to my original blog “Neutering: Whats behaviour got to do with it?”

The author goes on to say:

Irresponsible people in my opinion doesn’t equal “all dogs should be neutered”. I believe it’s about whats best for the individual dog.  It seems too me the attitude of many owners now is that dogs are a convenience thing and disposable. Many have the idea “The local rescue centre will take him when we can’t have or don’t want him any more. This just isn’t good enough, a sentient life deserves more! Lack of understanding and knowledge of living with dogs doesn’t equal “all dogs should be neutered”. Neutering is not going to make people more responsible owners because in my opnion there are many other qualities that I think are far more important when it comes to looking at responsible dog ownership.

Many people think they want a dog so they get one but many people dont know first thing about what a dog is behaviourally or biologically. This is another reason dogs end up in rehoming centre, I dont see how if this owner neutered their dog it would make them more responsible.

The entire article can be read here.

So what about the topic of should I get my dog neutered?  What do you think?  The author of this article feels that it is the owner’s responsibility.  Thanks for your comments.

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