Pet Health Issues – The True Cost of the Pet Food Recall

Pet Health Issues – What was the true cost of the pet food recall pet owners experienced a few years ago?  It’s pretty sickening to even think about it.

Although I didn’t lose any pets in that period, I did talk with many pet owners that did.  I heard the pain in their voices.  No money could ever repay them for their loss. 

I try to ignore that period.  There was absolutely no excuse for it.  Yes, I did own two dogs during that time.  I felt extremely confident that my dogs would not be affected. 

They both ate a very healthy dog food that had never been recalled.  All of the ingredients of its pet food products were purchased in this country.  This pet food company truly had the interest of the pet at heart. 

As I look back at the pet food recall, I don’t feel that we should ever buy from the companies that sold the pet products that were recalled. 

The reason?  I don’t feel that any of these companies had the interest of the pet at heart.  Why would they be buying overseas? 

The answer is very clear.  They were buying those ingredients to save money.  They were only interested in their bottom line.  They never thought for a moment about the health of the pet they were serving.

I read an article entitled “The Cost of a Pet Food Recall” by Susan Thixton.

Here is a quote from the article:

Some estimates are as many as 350,000 pets in the US and Canada became ill or died due to the 2007 recall.  Needless to say, many heartbroken pet owners did not join in this pet food settlement.  But, if more did…if only half of the estimated number would receive $1,000 for reimbursement of medical expenses (very conservative), $1 million for emotional damages, and $1 million for wrongful death…
$1,750,000,000,000.00 (that’s trillion).

But, as we all know, in the 2007 recall or any other pet food recall, no wrongful death damages were considered; no emotional damages were considered.

Those responsible -
ChemNutra (importers of the deadly vegetable proteins) were fined $25,000 and given probation; the owners of ChemNutra are still in the import business.
Menu Foods settled paying merely $24 million in damages (yet only $12 million went to pet owners); Menu Foods bragged on profits in 2009 (just two years later).
Science Diet, Purina, Iams, Walmart and the hundreds of other pet food brands/manufacturers that were involved, all remain in the pet food business reporting significant profits.
The FDA or AAFCO has not changed one regulation to prevent this from happening again (oh they did establish an online reporting system – as required by Congress – but that was two years late and they have not done the rest of what Congress required to be completed within a year).

The complete article can be found here.

What was the cost of the recall?  We simply can’t put a value on it.  As Ms. Thixton says, the guilty pet food vendors and the federal government have been extremely casual and uncaring in dealing with the situation.  It’s very sad.

Were any of you affected by the pet food recall?  Did you lose any pets?  My heart goes out to you.

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