Pet Health Issues – An Interesting Pet Survey

Pet health issues – A recent pet survey reveals some interesting information. 

Do you consider your dog or cat an important member of your family?  I do.  I think you all know that.  I don’t apologize for that. 

Are you attached to your pet as much as one of your best friends?

I don’t know about this.  Are you attached to your pet as much as one of your children?

Does your pet sleep on your bed with you?  I have to admit.  My dog sleeps with us.  He sleeps near the foot of the bed between my wife and me.  He is a great sleeper – probably better than my wife and I am sure he is better than I am.  We don’t even know he is there.

I found an article that discusses the survey’s findings.  It is called, “Pet survey reveals surprising trends” by Jim Johnson.  Here is a quote from a portion of the article:

Aside from just numbers, I find some of the other statistics to be interesting, some puzzling and some just plain over the top.

For example, it didn’t surprise me that nearly half of pet owners in 2006 considered their pets to be part of the family. But further research revealed that more than half of America’s dog owners are as attached to their pets as they are to at least one other human!

Did you realize that 35 percent of dog owners say they are more attached to their dogs than to their best human friend?

How about that 18 percent say they are more attached to their dogs than their children?

Or that roughly 12 percent are more attached to their dogs than to their spouses?

About 22 percent of respondents said their dogs sleep on the bed with their owners, but 67 percent said their cats sleep on the bed — or anywhere the cats want. Spending on pets has risen from $23 billion to an estimated $43 billion in the past 10 years alone.

Here is the whole article.

For the most part, I was not particularly surprised by the results of the survey.  I do feel that a higher percentage of pets sleep on the owners’ beds.  That’s probably because our dogs have been small and have always slept with us.

One statistic really bothers me.  It was said that more than 12 million dogs and cats had to be put down each year in pet shelters.  That really hurts. 

This points out how important it is to be responsible in buying a pet.  If one doesn’t have enough time or money to provide for a pet and meet its needs, then do not make the purchase.  There is absolutely no reason for 25% of dogs that enter a pet shelter are purebreds. 

I would like to hear your comments on this survey.  Did anything surprise you?  Do you disagree with anything you read here?  Does anyone else allow their pet sleep with them or am I the only one?  Have a great day.

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