New Year Resolutions for Your Pets

New Year Resolutions for Your Pets – It is a well known fact that many Americans make resolutions for the new year.

But what resolutions should we make for our pets?  There are goals we should set for our pets that would improve their health and increase the chance for them to live a longer, healthier life. 

Of course, our pets are completely dependent upon us.  It is up to us to make resolutions for them.

I read an article called “Top 3 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Pet” by Sunde Farquhar.  It’s a good article that I recommend that you read.

Listed below is a quote from the article:

So, you’ve vowed to lose a few pounds or maybe you’ve decided not spend as much money in 2012. Perhaps there are other members of your family who could benefit from a New Year’s resolution.

Here is the second resolution that the author mentions:

2) Dental Care: This is not a cosmetic issue for our pets; it is a serious health issue.

Often people are not aware of the potential consequences of dental disease. Although dogs don’t typically get cavities like we do, they certainly do get periodontal disease and that’s where the biggest risks lie.

Periodontal disease (inflammation & infection of the gum tissue around the teeth) can lead to kidney failure, heart disease, liver infection, and many other problems. The more bacteria present deep in the periodontal pockets, the higher the risk. But pet owners can’t see those nasty pockets & often don’t realize the dangers.

A simple adage: Bad breath is NOT normal! Eighty percent of pets over the age of three have dental disease. As with most problems, early intervention leads to better long term results and less costly treatment.

A complete professional dental cleaning and complete oral exam followed by some basic home care can do wonders for a pet’s breath and their health. Yes, it requires a light anesthetic, but the risks are minimal and the benefits can be huge.

After all, imagine if you didn’t brush or floss your teeth for 4 to 5 years and never had them cleaned by the dental hygienist… it’s a miracle dogs don’t have more problems with their mouths than they do.

And remember, dogs use their mouths like we use our hands… a painful mouth is tremendously detrimental for them. They just don’t have the means (or the inclination) to complain!

The entire article can be read here.

Here are the other 2 resolutions that the author mentions.  If your dog is overweight, feed the best quality dog food for weight loss.  The other resolution is to take your dog for regular trips to the vet.

Have you made new year resolutions for your pets?  I have decided to add a short walk for my dog in the evening in addition to the longer one he gets in the morning.  Thanks for your comments.

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