Just How Smart is Your Dog? A Story of a Real Smart Dog

How smart is your dog?

We all know that some breeds of dogs are considered smarter than others.  I’ve always heard that Poodles and German Shepherds are intelligent dogs.  Others say that Golden Retrievers and Border Collies have a very high IQ.

So do dogs really think? 

I think they do.  My little mutt, Romeo, is probably not brilliant.  But I know he thinks.

How Smart is Your Dog

Romeo and Scott

You can see it in his eyes and his face.  You can see him going through a decision process.  He is well trained.  But when he is faced with temptation, you can see him going through a thought process.

I read an article entitled, “So, Apparently Some Dogs Excel at Calculus” by Maria Goodavage.

It is an amusing story.  But it also demonstrates how dogs think.  In fact, Jake, the dog in this story, probably makes a better decision that most humans would make in the situation the author describes.  I feel it makes you ask just how smart is your dog.

Here is a quote from this article:

A Minnesota math professor announced this week at Winona State University that his his dog knows calculus. The professor is among several other math brains who have noted this propensity in dogs.

I never had the pleasure (cough) of taking calculus, but I do know that a standard calculus challenge is to find the quickest route from Point A to Point B. Elvis, the dog of Prof. Timothy Pennings, can do this without a calculator, without pencil and paper, and it appears, even without thinking too much.

Pennings discovered his dog’s skills while throwing a ball for him at a lake. (Minnesota is the Land o’ Lakes, as you may recall, so they have many opportunities.) Amazingly, the dog always entered the water at the best point for getting the ball, he says.

This very entertaining article can be read here.  I encourage you to read it.

Dogs can be trained to do different things.

But Jake hasn’t been trained to enter the water the way he does.  Instead, he thinks.  It’s not an easy decision.  He determines the exact place to enter the water to get to the ball in the shortest time.  Now that is a smart dog!!

Do you ever wonder how smart is your dog?  Do you have any stories you can pass on to us?  Thanks for your input.

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