Is Beneful Dog Food Good for Dogs?

Is Beneful good for dogs?

We have probably all seen television commercials of Purina Beneful dog food.   They are very impressive.

It seems that the dog food is a major contributor to the dog’s energy and health.  After Is Beneful Dog Food Good for Dogs?watching the commercial, many are ready to go out and buy a bag for their dog.

But what about all the complaints that are being issued by dog owners whose dogs have eaten Beneful and become gravely sick, some even dying? 

I read an article in the excellent blog,  It was entitled, “Purina’s Beneful Ignores Consumer Complaints” by Brandy Arnold.  It addresses the question, “Is Purina’s Beneful dog food good for dogs?

Here is a quote from the article:

Additionally, If you believe that your dog has been affected by Purina’s Beneful brand dog food – in either a negative or positive way, please join the Facebook group, “Is Beneful Killing or Sickening Dogs” by clicking here. Since the group was created, just 9 days ago, over 500 members are already sharing stories, collecting data and veterinary reports, and drawing media attention to their cause. As Beneful continues to ignore consumer questions and concerns, the group continues to grow.

A member of the group told us, “We are mostly refugees from the Purina Beneful Facebook site, banned because we started asking questions. Is it a problem with Aflatoxins from moldy corn? Is it a problem with Organosphosphates? Could this be linked to Monsanto’s GMO grain which is sprayed with Round-up, an Organophosphate? Is it a problem with Pentobarbitol poisoning? Pentobarbitol is found when euthanized animals are used in rendering… a huge problem in Spanish pet food right now. Is it due to the low nutritional quality? The use of synthetic and controversial Vitamin K as menadione? Or maybe there is more than one factor at work here?”

The entire article can be read here.

Purina’s Beneful does not appear to be doing anything to help the consumer.  It is certainly not willing to address those sad dog owners who had lost their beloved pets.

So is Beneful dog food good for dogs?  From what I am reading, it probably is not.  Complaints against the dog food are just too numerous.  What do you think about this issue?

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