Is a Raw Meat Diet for Dogs Unhealthy?

Raw meat diet for dogs

Whether you believe in a raw meat diet for dogs or not, you need to be aware of what is taking place regarding this type of dog food. 

The AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) has proposed a policy stating that there are health risks associated with a raw meat diet for dogs.

To be clear, this is only a proposed policy.  It has not been approved.

There is also a great deal of controversy as to a conflict of interest in how this issue originated.  I have a quote below from an article that discusses this controversy.

I do not feed a raw meat diet to my dogs.  There are several reasons.  One is that I don’t feel that they get the complete nutrition diet that they need.  But this is my opinion.

I agree that many commercial dog food companies do not have the interest of your pet at heart.  If they did, there pet food products would not have been recalled as they have over the last few years.

I feed my dogs the best quality dog food.  My dogs have been on these dog food products for many years.  Our veterinarian says they are the healthiest dogs he has ever seen for their age.

The article I read is entitled, “The Domino Effect” by Susan Thixton.  I believe that Ms. Thixton supports a raw meat diet for dogs.  She also doesn’t favor most large pet food companies.

Here is the quote from the article:

Therefore, the CPHRVM recommended that Executive Board (EB) approve the newly drafted policy titled “Raw or Undercooked Animal-Source Protein in Cat and Dog Diets” to mitigate human health risks associated with these feeding practices.”

For those unaware, in 2010 The Delta Society – a national charity that trains and organizes pet visitations to the sick and elderly – made a pet food shattering decision to ban all Pet Partners that feed an all raw meat pet food.  And then it was discovered…on the executive board of the Delta Society – when the Delta Society made this raw pet food ban – was Brenda Bax…Marketing Director, Purina Pet Foods.  It was more than clear to many raw pet food advocates, Purina Pet Food’s Brenda Max played a significant role in Delta Society’s decision to ban raw pet food fed dogs from participating (further, all participant dogs now volunteering for Delta Society wear a Purina patch on their harness/banner – walking advertisement for Purina Pet Foods).

The entire article can be read here.  I encourage you to read the complete article.

Do you believe in a raw meat diet for dogs?  I respect your opinion and appreciate your comment

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