Indoor/Outdoor Dog – Which One Should You Own?

Indoor/outdoor dog

Should you make your dog live outside?  Or is that cruel?  Should you always make your dog live inside?  Does an outdoor dog have more behavioral problems than an inside dog? 

These are important questions to ask.  For one thing, it depends on the breed.  Some small dogs are just not cut out for outdoor living – especially cold winters.  But some other breeds are very happy to live outside.

I have a small little mutt named Romeo.  He is part Korgi and part Spitz.  I can’t imagine him living outside.  He spends a little time outside but definitely prefers the inside.

I don’t feel that a dog will have more behavioral issues just because it lives outdoors.  The key for an outdoor dog is that there is adequate shelter from the cold and rain.

Inside/outside Dog

Outside dog must have interaction with the owner

The dog must be provided good nutrition from its food and treats.  It also must have a sufficient amount of water throughout the day and night..

Here is another thing that is critical.  There must be the proper amount of interaction between the dog and the owner/family.  If this is lacking, the dog could very possibly develop behavioral problems.  So if you see an outdoor dog that has behavioral problems, it is probably caused by a lack of interaction with the owner.  This includes dog training.

I read an excellent article in the that discusses the topic of an indoor/outdoor dog.  It is called, “The Indoor Dog Ideal” by Cindy Bruckart, CPDT.

Here is a quote from the article:

If I said to you that I worked with some dogs whose owner makes them live outside, what is your first thought?  I know mine is usually dirty, parasite laden dogs who bark at strangers and don’t care much for being petted.  That’s because those are the outdoor dogs I grew up around.

Some imagine that an outdoor dog is sad and lonely, constantly hoping for the chance to come inside.  Some imagine a dog on a chain whose world is small and unfulfilling.  Depending on where one lives, you might think of the shivering, wet dog who has no shelter while its owners are toasty warm inside.

Few people imagine a dog who is perfectly comfortable in a naturally enriched outdoor environment with adequate shelter and frequent contact with the humans who live inside.  We tend to assume that the outdoor dog has no training or manners.  We assume a general disconnect between dog and owner along with a lack of empathy and perhaps a lack of general care on the part of the owner.

The truth is, there is no one recipe for the perfect way for all dogs to live.  Anyone who has trained dogs in the home knows that a dog being allowed to live inside is no guarantee that the dog is happy, satisfied or better trained.  In fact, some horrendous things happen to indoor dogs, as well as outdoor dogs.

The entire article from can be found here.

What are your thoughts on the topic of an indoor/outdoor dog?  Do you keep your dog inside or outside?  My main concern for an outside dog is the attention it gets from its owner.  Thanks for any comments you want to make.

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