How to Trim a Dog’s Nails

How to trim a dogs nails easily and in a way that doesn’t cause pain for your pet

We all need to know how to cut dog nails.  When our dog’s nails get too long, we can’t always run off to the vet or the dog’s groomer to get the job done. 

Trimming a dogs nails can be a fairly easy task.  I must admit that it is not one of my favorite things to do.

The key for me is to always keep the dog’s nails trimmed but not too short.  I have owned many dogs in my life.  In one situation I trimmed my dog’s nails a little too short.  I cut into the quick.  The nails bled.  I’m sure that it hurt my dog.  From that point on, she never wanted me to trim her nails.  She always remembered that painful incident.

I learned my lesson from that incident.  My current dog, Romeo, doesn’t mind if I trim his nails.  I trim them on a regular basis.  I never trim them very short.

I start out by rubbing him gently.  That gets him in the proper mood.  I then trim a small amount of the nail.  This procedure doesn’t seem to bother him.  He trusts me since I have never hurt him.

I read an article in  This is one of the outstanding blogs that I read.  The article is entitled, “Nail Trimming.”  The article goes into a lot of detail on how to trim a dogs nails.  It also shows pictures on how to do it.

Here is a short quote from the article:

Most dogs wear down their nails through activities such as daily walks on pavement or sidewalks. However dogs that spend most of their time indoors their nails can become extremely long.  They can snag and damage carpets and upholstery. Excessively long nails can interfere with traction by preventing the foot pads from making contact with the ground and can actually interfere with movement resulting in changes to their posture alter the gait which causes pain.  Overly long nails are also more susceptible to being torn off. Nails should be inspected regularly (I check weekly) and trimmed when needed (once or twice a month).  My rule of thumb is “if I hear it click its time to nip”.  Giant breed dogs will require a sharp, heavy duty nipper to clip through the thickness without pinching.  They are normally not sold in stores but can be ordered from Amazon or other online pet supply companies.  I bought my nippers from Amazon and have had amazingly good luck with them so far.

The entire article can be read here.  I highly recommend that you read the complete article since it very clearly points out how to trim a dogs nails.

Do you know how to cut a dogs nails in the proper way?  Or do you just rely on a professional to do this job?  If you trim your dog’s nails regularly and correctly, it will benefit you, your dog, your veterinarian, and your dog’s groomer.

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