How to Train a Dog to Not Jump on People

Train a dog to not jump on people

It’s very annoying when you invite guests to your house and your dog jumps all over them.  It’s embarrassing.

The sad thing is that I have actually encouraged my dog to act in this way.

It was quite obvious that my guests didn’t want him jumping on them.  I would pull him away.  But then I would start patting him.  I was actually praising him for his bad behavior.

It wasn’t my dog’s fault.  It was my fault.  He thought it was the right behavior to jump on people since I patted him immediately after he did it.

There are ways to train a dog to not jump on people.  It’s not real easy but it can be done.  It is best to start this training when your dog is a puppy.  But it is not too late to teach your dog the proper behavior, even if you have an older dog.

I saw a very good video on that demonstrates how to train a dog to not jump on people.  I think you will find this video very helpful.  The title is “Four Feet on the Floor: Jumping up behaviour in puppies and dogs.”

You can see the post here.

Have you ever tried to train a dog to not jump on people?  Was it easy or did you have a difficult time?  For me, it was difficult.  Probably since he was older when I started the training.  I wish you the very best.

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