How to Make Your Dog Eat Dog Food | If He is a Picky Eater

If your dog is a picky eater, you need to know “how to make your dog eat dog food.”

Or should your dog eat dog food?  This is a controversial subject.

Some dog owners try to avoid commercially prepared dog food.  Many of these prefer that their dog eat home made food.  Others prefer a raw diet.

I agree that many commercial dog foods are not good for your dog.  I don’t plan on getting into this topic in this post.

I personally feel that commercial dog food is good for your dog as long as it is a high quality dog food.

My little dog, Romeo, was a very picky eater for his first two years.  He would go 2-3 days without eating anything.  How to Make Your Dog Eat Dog Food

We were feeding him the food that our veterinarian recommended.  But we didn’t realize that the food we were feeding was actually not good for him.

We tried many types of food.  We finally found one that he loved.  For the last 7+ years of his life, he never misses a meal.

This food is high in nutrition.  We personally know the veterinarian that formulates this food and all of the company’s food products.  She has only the interest of the pet’s health at heart.

This company’s products have never been recalled and probably never will be.  All ingredients are from domestic sources that have been used for over ten years.

My dog is extremely healthy.  Although he is approaching ten years old, he walks with me each morning for 2-3 miles.  People think he is a puppy.

So the question is how to make your dog eat dog food if it refuses to.  First, you might try another food.  But it must be a high quality, nutritious food.

I read an article recently that discusses this topic in the  It is entitled, “Finicky Maltese Won’t Eat Dog Food!“  It is written by Dr. Chris Smith, a well known veterinarian and nutrition expert.

Here is a quote from the article:

There are two ways to approach this problem.

The first way is to admit defeat and feed your baby people food the rest of his life.  This is something that can be done but it requires a commitment on your part to prepare him a nutritionally complete and balanced diet.  He is relying on you to provide for him and his instincts aren’t going to help.   Most homemade diets are not nutritionally balanced and can lead to long term health problems later in life.  Just think about how badly many people eat and they live relatively healthy lives (at least it appears that way).

Dr. Smith goes on to say:

The other way to approach this is with tough love.  This involves weaning him back onto dog food.  There are many dogs that are finicky about their food and it is because they have been spoiled with people food.

The entire article can be read here:

Have you ever been confronted with the problem of how to make your dog eat dog food?  Or do you feed your dog another kind of food?  I appreciate your comments.

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