How Old is a Dog in Human Years?

How old is a dog in human years?

I had always heard that you multiply a dog’s age by 7 to convert to human age.  That would mean that my 9 year old dog, Romeo, is 63 years old in human years.  That’s pretty old.  He doesn’t act that old.

How Old is a Dog in Human Years

Romeo and Scott

Over the past few years, I have seen conversion charts that show this 7 year conversion is not accurate.  The new charts seem more reasonable to me.  My dogs have matured a lot during their first year.  My one year old dogs have seemed much more mature than a 7 year old child. 

I have seen 7-9 year old dogs that still have a lot of energy.  Many humans between 49-63 years old don’t seem to have much energy.

Larger dogs age faster than smaller dogs

Smaller dogs seem to live longer than older dogs.  The lifespan for larger dogs seems to end from 10 to 12 years old.  I see many smaller dogs that live from 13-15 years old.  I know that there are exceptions in both cases.

Scientific studies indicate that dogs age faster in their younger years and more slowly after the age of 2.  Newer charts show that dogs age differently depending on their size.

I read a recent article entitled, “SHERRY DAVIS: How old is your dog in people years?” 

It helps answer the question of how old is a dog in human years.  Here is a quote from the article:

It seems that for as long as I can remember, dog owners have been fascinated with calculating their dog’s age in years compared to its human equivalent.

And for equally as long, the standard measurement most people used was that of multiplying every year of a dog’s age by seven.

Periodically I would read studies stating that this method was inaccurate, but for whatever reason, in the minds of the American dog owner the 7 to 1 formula seems to have become permanently cemented.

Now, flash-forward through several decades of extensive research in canine health and nutrition, including much devoted to the development of foods targeting specific life stage, size and activity levels of dogs, and it should hardly come as a surprise that a revised age-ratio formula has finally been introduced.

It’s a ratio that veterinarians interviewed for a recent WebVet article, “How Old Is My Pet? Correctly Calculate Your Dog or Cat’s Age!” believe is much more accurate.

The new formula calculates that a dog at 1 year of age is equivalent to a 12-year-old child, and by 2 years a 24-year-old adult.

After 2 years of age you add four years for each additional year.

In Ms. Davis’s excellent article, she displays one of the newer age conversion charts for dogs.  You can see the chart and the complete article here. It shows my dog as the equivalent of 56 human years.  That’s a lot better.

If you want to look at an age conversion chart for different breeds of dogs, I suggest you do some quick research online.

At the end of Ms. Davis’s article, she points out other factors contributing to a dog’s age and health.  Just like humans, dogs tend to live longer if they live a healthy lifestyle, get plenty of exercise, and are fed the best quality dog food.

Do you ever think about how old is a dog in human years?  I think most people do.  I appreciate your comments.

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