How and When to Euthanize Your Dog

Have you ever had to euthanize your dog?

If you have, you know what a horrible experience it is.

I have gone through this twice.  These were two of the worst experiences of my life.  In fact, I don’t even like to write about it.

But I do feel that all dog owners must be prepared for what lies ahead in each situation.  It’s important to approach each situation using the right perspective.

The key thing is to understand if your dog is suffering.  Have you seen a veterinarian?  Have you done all you can to help your dog’s condition?  Is it likely that your dog’s condition will not be improved without spending an unreasonable amount of money?

All of these things must be considered.  You must look at the situation based on the dog’s perspective.  Despite all of your efforts and your dog is still suffering, then euthanasia is a very likely alternative.

I read an article from The Doggington Post that discusses how and when to euthanize your dog.  It is “How and When to Deal With the Euthanasia of Your Dog” by Ron Miller.

Here is a quote from the article:

How and When to Deal With the Euthanasia of Your Dog

First of all, you have to check your dog’s health status. Does your dog suffer from more problems than he can take? Does he have a condition in which after the treatment, your dog may only have a short time to live, survive or be healthy? Also, think about how much you have tried. Have you already tried many things for your dog and still no treatment worked for him? Lastly, check how your dog feels. In spite of it all, is he still suffering? Do you think your dog can still bear the suffering? Will you let him live while suffering, or will you just put him to sleep and end it?

Be sure to consult with your veterinarian when you make your decision. Is there ANY chance of the dog getting better, or are you just fighting a hopeless battle? Make your decision based on what is best for the dog. If you do decide on euthanasia, this is roughly what will take place at the vet’s:

  • Though it may be really sad and hard for you to take the pain, rest assured that the vet knows and understands your pain of losing a dog.
  • First, your dog is taken by the vet to an exclusive room for euthanasia. Owners may hold memorial services there by lighting up candles or some other ceremony.
  • The vet tells you to choose a blanket to wrap around your dog for burial and/or cremation process afterwards, unless you are taking the dog back home with you.
  • After this, the vet will inject a tranquilizer on your dog. This will calm his senses and make him drowsy.
  • An overdose of anesthetic is injected last by your vet. This is where your dog is put to sleep slowly, but without pain or fear. Your dog dies after short time.

Here is the entire article.

Have you had to euthanize your dog in the past?  It’s a very difficult thing to go through.  I would like to hear your comments on how to deal with this situation.  Thanks.

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