Heart Warming Story – Dog Rises from the Ashes

Heart warming story about a dog

I love heart warming dog stories.  This post tells you about a miracle that occurred in a little dog’s life.

A fire almost completely destroyed a house in Tennessee in late November.  The family members were alive and accounted for, except for Abigail, the family dog. 

The family was devastated and assumed that the little Chihuahua had died in the flames and smoke.

I read this story in the excellent blog, TheDogFiles.com.  The article was entitled, “Dog Rises From The Ashes Shocking Firefighters” written by Chloe Taylor.  The quote below is from this article that describes this heart warming story.

On the evening of Saturday November 24tth Fall Branch firefighters Pat Boone, Jonathan Martin, and Michael Conally responded to a late night call. When they arrived on the scene they found Vicky Ledford’s house engulfed in a relentless blaze and almost completely leveled. As Vicki and her daughter Jennifer Arnett stared at the ashes and rubble that was all that remained of their home, they assumed their beloved family dog, Abigail, a Chihuahua, had succumbed to the thick smoke and deadly flames. Devastated, the best they could hope for was that she had made it into the giant dog park in the sky (Doggie Heaven.)

The team of firefighters had been working for over an hour to put out the fire when firefighter Pat Boone thought he saw something move beneath the rubble. He could hardly believe his own eyes. Boone, who has been employed as a firefighter for nearly a decade, described what he saw to WTVR Channel 6 CBS news, “ You never see a house that has fully burned to the ground… and 90 percent of the home is gone. I mean it’s up in smoke – and something lived. Next thing I know there’s a little dog coming out from the floor space, I reached in and grabbed her – and pulled her through the hole.”

You can read the complete article here.  I encourage you to read the entire article.  There is also a sweet video at the end of the article.

This little dog should not have lived.  But she was smart enough to position herself in a safe area that saved her life.

Dear readers, I would love to hear from you regarding a heart warming story about dogs.  They are such loving friends.  It’s good to hear a story with a happy ending like this.

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