Healthy Dog Treats Can Help Overweight Dogs

There are simply too many dogs and cats today.  As we know, excess weight can result in serious health consequences in our pet long term.

The reason for this problem lies primarily with the owner.

Either the pet is getting too much food and/or not getting enough exercise.  Hopefully this situation is beginning to change, but I personally haven’t seen it.  

In case you see signs that your pet is getting too heavy, cut back on the food you are giving your little friend.   I don’t care what the instructions say on the food package.   All animals are not the same.  Each has a different metabolism.

Cut back on the food and find the right amount to feed your pet.  You should be able to feel your pet’s ribs.  The ribs should not be pronounced.  You should be able to feel a thin layer of skin over the ribs.  If you are not sure, check with your vet.

We all like to give treats to our pets.  We want to make them happy.  But so many treats are just not healthy for our pets.  Many of them contain an abundance of refined sugar and chemical preservatives.

I recommend giving our pets functional treats.  This type of treat doesn’t just fill up the pet.  It actually provides a health benefit for the pet.

For example, I now have only one dog.  Romeo gets one dental treat in the morning and one antioxidant treat in the evening.  The dental treat provides those nutrients that help him have healthy teeth and gums.  These are very healthy dog treats.

The antioxidant treat gives him vitamins and nutrients that improve his health.  Sure, he would like to have more.  But dog treats tend to be fattening.  I am helping him to be healthier by limiting the number of treats that I give him.

Another factor in keeping your dog trim is to make sure your pet gets adequate exercise.  This can be an inconvenience to you but just remember how important it is to your pet’s health.

Romeo walks with me everyday.  I’m kind of crazy because I walk 7 days a week.  And Romeo is out there walking with me each time.  He loves it.  I know it helps his metabolism.  I think he is proud of himself that he is such a good physical specimen.

I have quoted a portion of an article with a very long title.  It’s called, “The number of paunchy pooches and fat cats is on the rise, leading to health issues like diabetes and arthritis.”  The author is Andrea Boyarski.

Puggy Sue has a problem. She’s pleasantly plump and happily so, but the 4-year-old pug’s cheese-eating habits and lax lifestyle could lead to health problems if something isn’t done about her paunchy pooch figure. Owner Dana Saba of Rosebank is trying to figure out how to curtail her pet’s overeating habits.

Julie Freeman of Castleton Corners worries about her pal Cleo, who could stand to shed a few pounds — although the furry feline doesn’t see anything wrong with lounging around all day and eating from her brother Ulysses’ bowl.

Like their human counterparts, dogs and cats across the country are facing an obesity epidemic, with the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, estimating that 54 percent of dogs and cats in the United States is overweight or obese. Local veterinarians interviewed agreed that an owner’s weight doesn’t necessarily correlate to their pet’s, but both could benefit from a healthier lifestyle.

The complete article can be read here.

As the article points out, owners must be retrained.  It certainly can be done.  Your furry friend is depending on you.

Please leave me any comments you have.  There are many things we can do to keep our pets trim.  This article is just the beginning.

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