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Health Tips for Dogs – If we want to have happy and healthy dogs and cats, we must absolutely provide for all their needs.  This advice should not be taken lightly. 

Our pets are an important part of our family.  If this is not our objective, we should never even consider bringing a pet into our home.

Many times I see dogs anchored to a chain in their yard.  When I walk past, they go crazy barking at me.  This is probably the only stimulation they get during the day.

I don’t mean to be stepping on anyone’s toes here.  I just don’t feel that we are meeting our pet’s needs if they must be chained up all day.  I don’t feel that the dog should have been bought in the first place.

If the dog is too big or too energetic to be kept inside, then we probably bought the wrong type of dog.

I read an article that discusses health tips for dogs and all our pets.  It is entitled “Secrets to Having Happy and Healthy Pets.”  The author discusses the requirements for having healthy and happy pets.  These are critical dog health issues.

In the quote below, you will see that the first requirement is to provide good pet food nutrition.  A neighbor of mine has a nice dog but has fed him only cheap food from a discount chain store.  The dog is fairly old but I don’t feel he has much longer to live.  He hasn’t looked good for the last 2-3 years.  His poor dog food nutrition has caught up with him.  I feel he could have lived several more years with the right food.

My 2 dogs are about the same age as my neighbor’s dog.  They are both extremely healthy.  They are healthy, happy, and energetic dogs.  I feel they have many more years ahead of them.

My dogs have been fed the best quality dog food on the market today.  The cost per serving of the food is very reasonable.

Here is the quote from the article:

Having your own happy and healthy pets is like having your own happy and healthy children. You don’t treat them harshly as mere animals, but show them love and care that are similar to humans. Remember that you have decided to keep them in order to become your company at home. Part of a pet owner’s obligation is to provide the needs of the animals they want to keep and make them happy and healthy pets.

Happy pets are also healthy pets. It can be easily noticed if your pet is not happy. You will just see it lying around the whole day and barely making any noise. It does not have much activity to express itself and so when its senses are stimulated it becomes frantic that seems to be hard to handle. Happy and healthy pets are far off from being unexplainably excited. They do show much enthusiasm as a sign of pet happiness but they won’t get their emotions overly bursting out that sometimes even cause them to hurt people. The health of pets is also essential in ensuring their happiness. When they get easily irritated, it is not a good sign at all.

Here are a few thoughts on keeping happy and healthy pets.

  • Give healthy pet foods.

One of their basic needs like human is food. They should be given food with the right nutrients that will help them become strong and free from any illnesses. Some pet owners even prefer a healthy pet diet straight from the recommendation of the veterinarians. Organic pet foods are also available for longer life and healthier appearance of the animal.

The entire article can be found here.

The rest of the article points out 4 other requirements for healthy and happy dogs and pets.  They include providing a cozy shelter, regular pet checkups and shots, and proper exercise.

Do you have other health tips for dogs?  Please add your comments.

If you have any questions or need more information regarding the best quality dog food, treats, or supplements, you can call me toll free at 877-878-4036 or email me at  I wish you a great 2012.

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