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Health Information for Dogs – We all want our dogs and cats to be healthy.  I’m not talking about spending thousands of dollars at your veterinarian.  Instead, I’m talking about inexpensive activities you can do to improve the health of your pet. 

Not only are these activities inexpensive.  They will also significantly reduce the cost of your vet visits.  Their health is improved to the point where they don’t need trips to the vet to deal with sicknesses.  They only need to go for regular checkups.

I read an article that discusses this topic of health information for dogs and how healthy activities can reduce vet bills.  The article is called, “Five activities that keep your dog healthy” by Giulia Simolo.

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Romeo and Scott

I am sure you are tired of hearing about my dog, Romeo.  He takes part in all 5 activities mentioned in the article.  In addition to these 5 activities, I feed my little dog the best quality dog food on the market.

Romeo only goes to his vet for regular checkups and shots.  He loves to take part in these healthy activities.

Here is a quote from the article I mentioned:

1. Make exercise a daily routine
Some dogs end up showing signs of destructive behavior, such as when they destroy things around the house. This can often be a sign of having too much energy. Dogs generally require between one or two hours of exercise each day (it can vary depending on factors such as their breed and age, however) so take them for regular walks or jogs around the neighborhood to use up their excess energy. Not only will this be great for their bodies but they’ll also feel mentally refreshed, thus preventing anxiety or frustration from blooming. Walking boasts many health benefits, such as a stronger heart, lower blood pressure, and a decrease in depression. When walking your dog, remember that the pads of dogs’ feet are sensitive to heat, so make sure you let your dog walk on the cool grass instead of on the blistering sidewalk when it’s really hot to prevent them getting hurt.

2. Let your dogs socialize
As your dog’s owner, you want them not to feel scared in strange situations or embarrass you at the vet when a large dog walks in. But socialization is more than just making your dog behave better. It’s also about ensuring that your dog is well-balanced and happy. How you can start socializing your dog is to get him or her more comfortable with the idea of meeting other dogs, other people as well as being in different situations. It has been said that dogs should be socialized throughout their lives, not just when they’re at the puppy stage. You can help your dog feel more comfortable and social by taking walks with them in public places such as your local park, or inviting friends and their dogs over for dog play dates. If your dog is already social, then keep stimulating them with regular interaction.

The complete article can be found here.  You need to read the complete articles to see the other 3 activities.

The author discusses some tips that you should be aware of when you participate in some of these activities with your dog.  Some of these tips are safety warnings for you and your pet.

Do you research health information for dogs?  Do you participate in any of the 5 activities the author mentions?  Do you have suggestions on other healthy activities that you recommend?

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