First Things to Teach a Puppy

Things to teach a puppy

When you buy a new puppy, your work has just begun.  The little guy must be trained so that it behaves as you want it to.

This takes time and effort.  But the first question you probably have is where do you start?  It is not just how you start but how do you teach your new puppy these things? 

I have some guidance for you.

I recently read an article in the excellent blog,  It is entitled, “Ten Important Skills To Teach Your Puppy” by Roger Abrantes.  That’s just what we need here.

Here is a quote from the article:

“The First Ten Skills You Should Teach Your Puppy” are my chosen ten skills. I believe most will agree with my choice, but if you don’t, you’re off course entitled to add, subtract and modify as you seem fit. In any case, I hope this will help you in your work as a puppy owner instructor or a puppy owner.

There are many skills that your puppy must learn in order to enjoy a good doggy life in our human world. It is your responsibility to teach your puppy these skills. Opinions may differ as to what are the most fundamental skills to teach your puppy. In my opinion, you should focus on the ten skills I describe here so that both you and your puppy enjoy being together and can safely begin to discover the world.

There are many ways to teach your puppy the skills I mention below and one method is not necessarily better than another. There are many ways to reach the same goal and you should choose the method or variation that best suits you, your lifestyle and your puppy’s temperament. The training methods I describe here have worked very well for the many owners and puppies we have coached at the Ethology Institute Cambridge over the years, but remember that they are only rough guidelines and you should adapt them to your own puppy as you see fit.

The first ten skills

1. The puppy’s name

2. Yes

3. No

4. Come

5. Sit

6. Walking on leash

7. Hygiene

8. Socialization

9. Environmental habituation

10. Home alone

The entire article can be found here.

I do agree that these are ten of the top skills we should teach your puppy.  Teach your dog these skills and you are on your way to having a well behaved puppy/dog.

I suggest you read the entire article.  In addition to listing these skills,  it describes how you teach these skills.

So what do you think are the first things to teach a puppy in your opinion?  You may have some suggestions that are not on the list.  Thanks for your comments.

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