Dogs and Hurricane Sandy – Rescue Shelters Need Our Help

Dogs and Hurricane Sandy

As we all know, Hurricane Sandy is one of the worst storms on record as far as its devastation and loss of human life.

We have great concern for those whose homes were destroyed, those who have lost loved ones, and those who still have no power.  We pray for them as well as all those who are suffering from the new storm that is hitting the east coast of our country.

As in any storm of this type, there is also concern for pets.  In Hurricane Katrina, many pets were left behind.  Most human shelters did not accept pets.  In many cases, pet owners were forced to leave their pets in their homes and hoped they would survive.  Many did not. 

Fortunately, things have changed in many cases.  Many shelters in New York and New Jersey accepted pets.

But there were still many pets that were separated from their owners.  Hopefully most of them survived and made it to rescue shelters during and after the storm.

I am certain that these rescue shelters need our help.  I hope we will help in any way we can.  I’m sure that all of them need our donations to support the overpopulation of their shelters.  Some probably need foster parents to keep some of these pets until the owners are found.  I am sure you will do what you can.  Thanks.

Kenn Bell, the creator of the outstanding blog,, wrote a note to his readers on the topic of dogs and Hurricane Sandy.  It is entitled, “Animal Rescue In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Sandy.”

Here is a short quote from the note:

As the creator of the Dog Files, I always have my eye on the animal angle of a news story and Hurricane Sandy is no different. After seeing how much people are doing to save and protect our animals, I feel optimistic and hopeful.

The days of telling evacuees to leave their pets behind is no more and I haven’t heard a single person on TV doubting whether or not we should be rescuing our animals and pets.

The entire note can be read here.

Despite the fact that many owners were able to take their pets to these human shelters, I am sure that animal rescue shelters are in need of our support.  Thanks for reaching out!!

Dear readers, what are your thoughts on dogs and Hurricane Sandy?  Here in Tennessee, we had a little wind from Sandy and absolutely no damage.  But I can certainly help our furry friends in the Northeast.  Thanks for helping them out.

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