Dog Training Techniques Used by Cesar Millan–Right or Wrong?

Dog Training Techniques

Many people criticize Cesar Millan’s dog training techniques.  Others praise him.

In this blog, I have been told not to show any of his videos.  I disagree.

I feel that there are many things to learn from Cesar’s dog training techniques.  In other cases, I feel that his techniques go a little overboard. 

Most of what Cesar does in the name of dog training is good.  But much of his work is done with dogs that have serious behavioral problems.  Their owners have tried everything and nothing seems to work.  If Cesar can’t change the dog drastically, they will probably give the dog up.  The end result is probably that the dog will be euthanized.

So Cesar’s techniques are much more aggressive in these cases.  I would not recommend the average dog owner try these techniques.

I read an interesting article in the excellent blog,  It is entitled, “Dog Files Opinion: Cesar Millan Gets Grilled In Interview.”  It discusses the dog training techniques that Cesar uses.  Some of his techniques involve domination of the dog.

Part of the article is an interview between Cesar and Alan Titchmarsh.  In the interview, Titchmarsh comes across as very anti-Cesar.

There is also another video that shows Cesar dealing with an aggressive dog.  Cesar is actually bitten as he deals with this dog.  He may have gone too far in his treatment of the dog.

Here is a brief quote from the article:

Showing your dog “who’s boss” and trying to dominate them? Not for me. Not for my family, whom Max and Remy (my dogs) are a part of. They look to me for friendship and trust and I give that to them. In return, they let me call the everyday shots of life. They understand I’m the leader, without me ever telling them or demanding it from them. They trust me.

Are they perfect dogs? To me they are, but hey, I’m supposed to think that. But realistically speaking they’ve got bad habits like we all do. Over the years, I’ve made the decisions as to when I ask them to behave and when I let them be crazy doggies. I think I’ve found a happy medium and by being positive and rewarding them when they do good, I’ve found them to be exceptionally well-behaved and happy dogs.

The entire article can be found here.

I would like to hear your comments regarding the dog training techniques used by Cesar.  In many cases I don’t feel that his techniques should be used by you and me.  I believe in positive reinforcement dog training.  Cesar seems to be using this type of training in appropriate cases.  I feel it is our decision.  In the end, I strongly recommend that you use the dog training methods that will not harm your dog in any way.

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