Dog Saves Child –Geo is a Hero!!

This is a very heart- warming story.  For all of us who love our dogs, it is even more so.  We don’t hear this very often – “dog saves child.”  But this is exactly what happened. 

Geo sacrificed the strong possibility of losing his own life to save one of the children in the family he belongs to.  He took the full thrust of an out of control truck instead of allowing it to crash into the family.  Fortunately, he survived the accident.

But medical expenses to repair his injuries were overwhelming.  The family did not even consider putting the dog down.  He meant so much to the family.  There is a website you can visit to help out with the expenses.

I found the article in  It is entitled, “Hero Dog Geo Throws Himself in Front of a Truck to Save a Boy.”  It is written by Michael Leaverton.

Here is a quote from the article:

You’re acquainted with Kabang, the hero dog of the Philippines, who pushed two children out of the way of a speeding motorcycle and took the impact herself, losing her snout in the process. (She is currently being cared for at UC Davis.) Another hero dog recently did something remarkably similar — and was just as gravely hurt in the process.

In Clacton, England, Carly Riley was out for a walk with her sons — Charlie (10), Josh (7), and Ben (4) — and their dog, Geo, a German Shepherd-Collie mix. They were waiting to cross the road at a light. They heard a roar and saw a truck jump the curb.

“We were waiting to cross the road, when I just heard a car going really fast,” said Carly, according to the Sun. “Then a pick-up truck mounted the [curb].”

The pick-up barreled towards them — specifically, right toward 10-year-old Charlie. It all happened too fast; Carly was stunned and couldn’t react.

But Geo the dog could. He leapt up and pushed the boy out of the way, taking the full force of the impact himself. But Charlie was safe.

The entire article can be read here.  It’s a great article.  I encourage you to read it.

Have you ever heard of a situation where dog saves child.  I hope you enjoyed this true story.  Let me know any comments you want to make.

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