Dog Nutritional Supplements – Not All are the Same

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Some people say that dogs do not need dog nutritional supplements.  Some say that dog nutritional supplements are not a food that is regulated by the federal government.  Therefore, we should steer clear of these supplements.  At the very least, we should be careful in buying them. 

I have written about this topic several times in this blog.  You probably know that I recommend feeding your dog good dog nutritional supplements.  Each dog is different in terms of their health needs and their blood chemistry.  Each dog varies as far as the food they eat and the amount of exercise they get each day.

For those and many other reasons, I feel that good dog nutritional supplements are very important to your dog’s health.

I just read an article entitled, “Dog Supplements – What Every Senior Dog Owner Needs to Know.”  The author is Ann-Marie Fleming.  She states that because dog nutritional supplements are not regulated, in making a selection.  There is no governing body that can ensure that these supplements contain the stated ingredients or will do what the vendors claim the supplements will do.

I actually agree with these statements.  We must all be extremely careful in purchasing dog nutritional supplements or any supplements, for that matter.

I feel that it is important that you must have confidence in a vendor for dog food, supplements, and other products for pet health.

Try a healthy dog food.  Make sure it is fresh.  I don’t recommend foods found in any store because of its freshness.  Observe how your pet responds to the food.  The food should give your pet more energy, an improved skin and coat, more agility, and better health in general.  After finding a good dog food, be willing to try some of the vendor’s other products, including supplements.  Here is a quote from the article:

The challenge is that not all supplements are created equal and in some cases they can do more harm than good, so being informed is an absolute necessity to ensure the well-being of your dog and to give him or her the best options for better health.

The area of dog supplements is one that has garnered a significant amount of attention from consumers, from vets and from the FDA. The issue at hand is that unlike the pharmaceutical industry, nutraceuticals better known as supplements, is an unregulated industry and that has many people concerned.

The complete article can be read here.  The author goes on to promote several pet facilities and dog products.  You can use those products if you wish.

Of course, the dog products I use are purchased from one vendor that I am completely sold on.

I have referred to my little dog in the past.  He is an 8 year old beloved little mutt.  He gets a dog nutritional supplement each day.  Although 8 years old, he looks like a puppy.  He walks with me each morning for 2-4 miles.

He is the healthiest dog we have ever owned.  He is the only dog we have owned that we have given supplements to.  He only goes to the vet for his periodic checkups.  I believe that his dog nutritional supplements have a lot to do with his good health.

Do you give your dog nutritional supplements?  Do you believe in them?  Please leave a comment and let us know why or why not.  I wish you the very best with your pet.

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