Dog Health Issues of Pug Dogs

Pug dogs are great household companions.  But you should be aware of the dog health issues of pugs before buying one. 

My niece has a pug and absolutely loves her.  In fact, she seems to get along with everyone.  She loves people after giving her a little time to become familiar with them.  She also gets with other dogs tht live with her and those that visit occasionally.

Pugs do especially well in families that give them a lot of attention.  They enjoy cuddling with their owner.  They do tend to get a little jealous if attention is paid to someone rather than them.

They generally get along well with children.  But I recommend that you train them as puppies to enjoy the children in your house.

Although they don’t require a significant amount of exercise, they thoroughly enjoy playing.  That doesn’t mean that some exercise is not needed.  A moderate walk with your pug each day is desired.

Pugs may tend to be overweight if you don’t watch the amount of food you give them or do not give them sufficient exercise.

You do need to be aware of dog health issues of pugs.  I read a good article that discusses many of the health issues pugs may face.  The article is entitled “Pug Dog Health Issues” by Sailee Kale.  The following quote from the article shows a few of dog health issues pugs and how to treat them:

Pug Dog Health Concerns
Although considered to be a fairly healthy dog which can live up to 10 years and sometimes well into its teens, there are certain health problems a pug faces, as described below.

Skin Problems
Due to the highly wrinkled nature of the skin on its face, the pug can become prone to skin infections which can arise between its numerous folds. Pet owners should take extra care to clean the folds of the skin on a regular basis to get rid of any disease-causing germs, and promptly take the pug to a vet at the first sign of a skin infection.

Eye Problems
Eye problems also arise in part due to the shape of the pug’s face which is pushed up and devoid of prominent snouts. Proptosis, which can cause irregular bulging of the eyes, and entropion, which causes the lower eyelid to fold inward are common eye infections a pug may face. Entropion, if it goes unchecked, may lead to irritation in the cornea because of the eyelid constantly rubbing over it, and the cornea might get damaged permanently, blinding the pug, if proper care is not taken.

Ear Problems
Pugs are prone to ear infections, and as an owner, you should diligently clean the pug’s ears with an ear wash. Symptoms of ear infection include discharge, redness, and foul odor emanating from the ears, and the pug may shake his head violently if it is in pain. If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to make an appointment with the vet.

The entire article can be found here.  If you are considering a pug, I highly recommend that you read the complete article.

The author lists several more pug dog health issues.  Pugs tend to be one of the most adored dog breeds.  All pets are going to have potential health problems.  So I don’t believe that this article is suggesting that you should not have a pug as a pet.  You just need to be prepared in case any of these problems occur.

Does anyone have a pug?  Has your pug suffered from any of these dog health issues?  Thanks for commenting.

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