Dog Health Issues – Preventive Care Means Healthy Dogs

Dogs Health Issues – Dogs can stay healthy through preventative care practices.  You don’t want a dog or cat to contract some disease that could have been easily prevented.  The cost of treating the pet for the disease will be far more than the cost of preventative care measures. 

If you are not willing to put in the effort or can’t afford the necessary preventative care, then you should not own the pet.

I read a recent article entitled, “Preventive care key to healthy pets.”  The article is written by Betty Ridge.  Ms. Ridge quotes tips offered by a veterinarian in a talk he made recently.

Here is a quote of part of the article:
It doesn’t matter if it’s a dog or cat. You’ve got three big points to prevent problems, to make sure we as pet owners are doing the best we can to keep them as healthy as possible,” Rozell said.

His three tips are:

• Vaccinating the pet and keeping the vaccinations current.

• Feeding high quality pet food suitable to the animal’s needs.

• Taking care of their teeth.

Vaccinations are easy to perform and essential to the pet’s well-being, Rozell said. It’s best to get a puppy or kitten checked out by the veterinarian when you get it. That also applies to older animals.

“Parvovirus kills a lot of puppies and it is very easy to prevent with vaccination,” he said.

That also applies to distemper and other canine diseases.

“They don’t just make them a little bit sick, they can kill them,” Rozell said. “Prevention is a lot easier than treatment. It will save you money and will keep your pet healthier in the long run.”

Heartworm is a big problem not only in dogs, but in cats, as well.

You can read the entire article HERE.  The veterinarian does a good job of explaining the need for preventive medical care in keeping our pets healthy.

I agree with most of the article.  Proper vaccinations are important.  Parvovirus and heartworm must absolutely be prevented.

Proper dental care is critical for our pets.  Dog owners can make sure that their dog gets good dental care.  Giving the dog the proper chews, dental treats, and other dental products can be very helpful.  The alternative is to have the dog sedated so the vet can clean the teeth. 

If you are like me, I don’t want my dog sedated in most cases.  So I am willing to take care of the dog’s teeth myself.

The one part of the article that I disagree with relates to the dog food the vet recommends.  If you have read some of my prior posts, you know that I don’t think that most vets know that much about pet food nutrition. 

This is nothing against a veterinarian.  The doctor must know about so many diseases and conditions in our pets.  But they go through virtually no study of pet food nutrition in their formal studies.

I have studied pet food nutrition for several years.  In fact, I have fed my dogs some of the specific foods he recommends in his talk.  I fed some of these foods based on the advice of my vet.  Some of them are just not healthy at all.

I ask you for your comments.  Do you disagree with me on what I say about pet food nutrition?  Do you find certain vaccinations required by your vet as being unnecessary?  You need to do your research. 

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