Dog Health Issues – Non-Toxic Flea Control

Dog Health Issues – Only a few fleas on a dog can be a major health issue for both a dog and its owner.  Fleas multiply rapidly and will spread quickly throughout the house.

The dog owner generally tries to prevent this problem by giving the pet some type of pill or topical solution that prevents fleas and ticks.  The problem is that many of these products are toxic to not just the dog, but to humans as well. 

For many years, I used a product recommended by our veterinarian and rubbed it between my dog’s shoulder blades.  I never felt comfortable putting this chemical on my dog.

I am seeing more and more articles on non-toxic products that are effective against fleas and ticks but are not harmful to our furry friends.  I ran across another article entitled, “Green Tips: Non-Toxic Flea Control” written by Betsy Wild

Here is a quote from the article:

Fleas attack weaker pets, so it’s important to keep your pet healthy with regular check ups and nutritious food. Garlic and yeast supplements in your pet’s food help repel fleas from the inside out; the odor and the extra B vitamins make the pet less tasty. Most pets however, succumb to fleas at some point. 

The female flea lays her eggs in dark, damp places such as cracks in the floor or a corner of the basement. The flea spends the majority of its lifecycle away from the host animal and attacks the pet only when they need food. But most flea control products are aimed at the adult fleas and are highly toxic to the pet and humans. 

Also, as with antibiotics and humans, a certain amount of the flea population becomes resistant to the chemicals, requiring more and stronger chemicals for effective treatment.  The best control should be directed instead at the eggs and larvae to prevent future generations from being born.

The entire article can be read here.

Ms. Wild explains that some chemical products are becoming ineffective in preventing fleas and ticks because they have become immune to the product.  The alternative is to make the product even stronger making it more harmful to our pets and ourselves.

This is definitely not the solution.  Ms. Wild provides several non toxic solutions that we can use that do the job but don’t hurt our dog or us.

Have you found a product that helps to prevent fleas and ticks?  Is treating your dog with an effective but toxic solution a concern to you?  I greatly appreciate any suggestions you may have. 

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