Dog Health Issues – Is Your Dog Safe Riding in a Car?

Dog Health Issues – How safe are dogs riding in your car?  The answer is that they are not safe at all.  They are not safe unless you hook them to the seat belt of your car using some type of effective pet restraint. 

In the past, I must say I am guilty.  We occasionally take long trips with our dog.  We always use some type of pet restraint.  The situation has been different in the past when we took him on shorter trips like a trip to the vet or to the groomer. 

But our habits have changed.  We always use a pet restraint device on our dog, no matter how short the trip.  Why did we decide to make this change?

Did you know that an unrestrained 10 pound dog will generate approximately 300 pounds of pressure in a 30 MPH crash?  Did you know that an unrestrained 80 pound dog will register about 2,400 of pressure in a 30 MPH crash?  That is why we changed. 

Not only would our dog be killed, but it would probably result in a fatality to a passenger in the car.

I read an article that discusses a study recommending restraint devices for dogs.  It’s entitled “Is Your Dog a Backseat Driver?” by Emmet Pierce. 

Here is a quote:

If your experience matches that of the 1,000 dog owners who took part in the AAA/Kurgo survey, your pet is a hazardous backseat driver. When results were tallied, “83% of the respondents agreed it could be dangerous to bring an unrestrained pet in their car, but only 16% were using pet restraints,” says Jennifer Huebner-Davidson, manager of traffic safety advocacy for AAA, a seller of automobile insurance.

In part, the survey found that nearly 60% of respondents said they had driven with dogs at least once a month in the past year. And many of them conceded that their furry friends had driven them to distraction.

The most common dog-related distraction identified by the survey was petting animals while driving. 52% of the participants admitted to having done so. Those who took the poll also acknowledged:

*Using hands or arms to hold dogs in place while applying the brakes (23%).

*Taking a hand off the steering wheel to prevent a dog without a safety restraint from climbing into the front seat (19%).

*Reaching into the back seat to interact with their dog (18%).

*Allowing their dogs to sit in their laps or holding them while driving (17%).

*Feeding dogs treats while driving (13%).

*Taking photos of their dogs while driving (3%).

The complete article is here

The article discusses the danger dogs and humans due to inappropriate conduct resulting from dogs in a car.  I suggest you read the entire article.

Here is a quote that talks about the danger to an unrestrained dog in any car accident.

No matter how photogenic Fido may be, without an animal safety restraint he is a missile waiting to be launched in a sudden stop. Many drivers wrongly assume they can hold onto their dogs to protect them from injury. What these misguided pet owners need is a crash course in physics. If the car comes to an abrupt halt, your unrestrained pet will continue moving at the same rate of speed.

Do you use a restraint device for your dog while driving in a car?  Did this article affect you in any way?  I appreciate your comments.

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