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Dog Health Issues – All dog owners need help in training our dogs, feeding our dogs, and all dog health issues.  I ran across an article called, “5 Questions with Nancy Werhane, co-owner of Pooches.”  It is written by Lauren Cavagnolo.

It’s a helpful and entertaining article.  Ms. Cavagnolo asks only 5 questions of Ms. Werhane.  But I would love to sit down and ask her another 15-20 questions. 

You can tell by the tone of the article that Ms. Werhane is fun to be with.  I’m sure that she and her co-owner have a great business.  You can also tell by her answers that she knows what she is talking about.

It would be nice to have someone to go to with my questions.  People in Tulsa are lucky to have their training services.

Here is a brief quote from the article:

What is your favorite, can’t-live-without-it pet product?

“You can’t beat the benefit of feeding a really good dog food,” Werhane said. “It affects the overall health of the dog and everything about the dog. I’m not a grocery store dog food person, I like high-end foods that are formulated for the longevity and health of the dog. My dogs live 15 and 16 years, there’s got to be a reason.”

When it comes to toys, Werhane loves “anything that is not totally, immediately destructable and good, interactive toys that last and they can play games with to keep their minds active whether you’re there or not. I think there’s a high value in that.”

Here is another question and answer in the article:

What is the easiest trick to teach a dog and how?

Werhane says you can teach a dog to high-five in five minutes using the following steps.

Hold a treat in your fist and let your dog sniff. As they investigate, they will put their paw on your hand. The minute they touch your hand with their paw, say ‘good’ or use a clicker and give them the treat.

Repeat this step a couple of times. The dog will very quickly realize pawing your fist results in a treat.

Now put the treat in your other hand and hold out your empty fist. When the dog paws your fist, give him a treat and say ‘good.’ Then you can open your hand and the dog will hit or ‘high-five’ your hand.

Werhane swears even my stupid dog will be able to learn this trick in five minutes or less.

“Stupid dogs often times learn it the best because they don’t really think about it too hard,” Werhane said.

That’s a good answer.  There are a total of 5 questions and answers.  Here is entire article.

Please let me know any comments you may have.  Do you depend on a specific pet professional to get your questions answered?  Have a great day.

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