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Dog Heartworm Prevention is critical to our dogs’ health.  Cases of heartworm have shown up in every state in the country.  There are treatments for heartworm.  But in most cases, little can be done for dogs in the late stages of this disease. 

In the early stages of heartworm disease, the dog may show no symptoms.  As the disease progresses, the pain in our dogs can become extremely intense as the heart is filled with heartworms.  What a horrible death!!

The heartworm disease is transmitted by a bite from an infected mosquito.  It is not true that indoor dogs do not get heartworm.  Dogs with shaggy coats are not protected from the disease.  All dogs will suffer mosquito bites, many by the infected mosquito.

Preventative treatment for heartworms is fairly inexpensive.  Several types of treatment are available.  I give my dog heartworm pills.  He doesn’t eat it immediately but does after a while.  Others mix the pill with cottage cheese or some other food the dog likes.

Topical solutions are also effective.

I read an article on dog heartworm prevention.  It is entitled “Heartworm prevention is crucial to your dog’s health” by Susan Lee.

Here is a quote from the article:

Caring for pets is a huge responsibility that you take on when you adopt a pet. Your pet relies on you for all its needs as well as its undivided love and attention. Aside from the material necessities such as food, water, a nice warm comfy bed, blankets, toys and treats, your pet’s health and wellness are vital responsibilities you take on as a pet parent. It is necessary for you to take your dog to your local Rockford are veterinarian at at least once a year for a full and thorough examination and immunizations. One of the important aspects of good health is heartworm prevention. It cannot be stressed enough how important this is for the well-being of your pet.  At one time there was a drug called Immiticide (also known as Melarsomine) that was used to treat dogs that have contracted the heartworm disease.

Immiticide was only administered by veterinarians in extreme cases. There are several stages of the heartworm disease and a dog with the disease in class one was easily treated with Immiticide. Class two was a little more severe with moderate signs of the disease. Once stabilized, the dog may be treated with the Immiticide. If the dog was advanced into a class three heartworm infestation, prognosis is guarded and even treatment was not guaranteed. Many of the dogs died. According to, there are many safety and adverse reactions to this drug.  But it was the only way to save dogs that were not treated with preventative measures.

The entire article can be read here.

The complete article should be read.  I feel that this article will inspire you to protect your dog against this horrible disease.  Our dogs are counting on us to protect them.

Do you feel there is enough publicity on dog heartworm prevention?  I feel that dog owners owe it to their dogs to provide this preventative care.

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