Dog Health Issues – Debunking Common Myths

Dog Health Issues – As the economy continues to slide, veterinarians are seeing the health care of our dogs and cats decline in a significant way.

I feel that our pets will suffer from more long term, serious illnesses that could have been prevented, or at least delayed, by having regular veterinary visits. 

I am certainly aware that the costs of those visits can be extremely expensive.  I am also aware of the serious financial burdens that many American families carry today.

So what is the answer here?  We must face the facts.  If a family cannot afford to take their pet for regular veterinary exams, the family has no other choice.

On the other hand, I feel that there are many misconceptions regarding our pets’ health. 

Some people can maybe afford to take their pet for its annual checkup but do not.  They use the bad economy as their excuse. 

This is inexcusable.  When those people purchased their pet, they should have considered all the costs during the life of the pet. 

I read an article that discusses some of these pet health misconceptions or myths.  It’s called “Your Pet’s Health: Debunking Common Myths.”  You should read this article even if your pet gets its regular exams.  Here is a quote that discusses one of these myths:

* Myth: Annual wellness exams are unnecessary and do not help my pet.

Fact: The recent Bayer study found that 95 percent of veterinarians surveyed believe that companion animals – both dogs and cats – require at least one veterinary well-visit annually. Yet many owners think that their pets only need to go to the veterinarian for vaccinations or shots. During routine check-ups, veterinarians evaluate health status using a number of tools such as ear and eye checks, listening to the pet’s heart, X-rays and blood work. By using a range of medical techniques, veterinarians can catch conditions that, if undetected, can become costly-to-treat or chronic illnesses.

Here is another myth that is worth considering:

* Myth: I just need to bring my pet in when it is sick; the value of an annual wellness exam is not comparable to the cost of a visit.

Fact: Think about all the doctors you see during the year. From an ophthalmologist to a dentist to your internist or family doctor. For your pet, the veterinarian provides all these services. When your pet goes for an annual wellness exam, that veterinarian needs to play the role of every doctor a human would see. So, for every veterinarian visit, Fluffy or Fido is getting a full check up with the skills of a number of doctors combined into one.

The entire article can be read here.  There are several other myths discussed in the article. 

I know that most of you are like me.  We want the very best for our pet.  My dog is a very important part of our family.  I don’t like paying large vet bills.  But I feel that the visit is necessary to prevent serious dog health issues in the future.

I invite your comments.

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