Dog Health Issues–Get Your Overweight Dog to Lose Weight #2

Part 1 of this post discussed how dogs become overweight and a couple of tips on helping your dog lose weight.  Part 2 of this post gives you specific steps to follow to get control of your dog’s weight.

How to prevent overweight dogs  

To state the obvious, start with a nutritious, healthy dog food and regular veterinary visits to monitor his weight.

  1. Choose a healthy dog food that provides the proper balance of nutrients.  Feed the correct amounts.  Sometimes, a pet may not need as much as the directions say on the bag.  See the section of this article, “How to tell if your pet is overweight.”
  2. You can tell if your pet starts to gain weight and adjust food amounts and snacks accordingly.  Check with your vet if you are not sure.
  3. Pets need regular exercise.  The amount of exercise depends on the age, breed and physical condition of the pet.  Younger pets need more exercise because of their high energy level.  Older pets or pets with joint or other problems need less activity.
  4. Watch your pet’s food intake and do not let him eat too much.  Don’t feed too many treats or table food that may have too much fat, sugar, or salt for dogs.
  5. Never leave the food for your pet so he can graze throughout the day.
  6. Pets often eat out of boredom.  If your pet must be left alone for long periods, provide toys that will stimulate him.  There are some toys that contain treats.  The overweight pet must work with the toy in order to get the treat out.  These can give him some stimulation while you are away.
  7. Feed only healthy, nutritious treats.  The treat should be functional and not be a snack where the sole purpose is to reduce his hunger.

Scott and Trish Hubbard are long time pet lovers.  For the last 40 years, dogs have been a major part of their family.

They have dedicated the last 8 years of their lives to finding the best products for pet health.  You can reach them directly by calling toll-free 877-878-4036 or by emailing them at   For more information on weight loss products, you can visit his website at

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