Dog Health Guide – 5 Habits That Can Add to a Dog’s Life

Dog health guide

Most of us love our furry friends.  We want what is best for our dogs.

Owning a dog is a big responsibility.  Dogs are completely dependent on us and the decisions we make regarding their health and well being.

Best Quality Dog Food

Romeo and Scott

One habit that we should follow is to feed the best quality dog food.  Too many pet owners feed the cheapest food they can find at the grocery store.  That will result in health problems as the dog ages.

As you know, my little dog, Romeo, has been fed high quality, nutritious dog food for the last 7+ years.  He is extremely healthy and never gets sick.  Although he is 9 years old, most people think he is just a puppy.  You can see a picture of him to the right.

I am convinced that feeding nutritious food to your dogs will make them healthy and live longer.

I read an excellent article by Brandy Arnold in  The title is “5 Healthy Habits That Can Add Years to Your Dog’s Life.”  I encourage you to read it.

A quote from the article is below.  Only one habit is listed.  There are 4 more in the article.

There’s no magic pill, no secret serums, no expensive tricks – just 5 simple ways to give back to your four-legged friend by keeping him healthy, happy, and safe.

Just taking the time to read an article like this demonstrates your willingness to do what it takes to make your furbaby as happy and healthy as you can! That’s why we’ve compiled this list of five healthy habits that can add years to your dog’s life.

5 Healthy Habits for Dog Owners

1. Feed Fido a healthy diet. A lot of people tend to not only over-feed their pets, but also to give them unhealthy (even harmful!) foods to eat. Buying dog foods from grocery stores are, more often than not, unwise. The products stocked at most grocery stores are usually junk food that don’t provide your dog with sufficient nutrition.

Start feeding your dog a more appropriate, healthier diet by first learning the right portion serving for his size, and next, by studying the dog food analysis to help you decide what exact dog food ingredients to look for. You can also try to prepare home-made dog meals and treats to meet Fido’s dietary needs. A simple internet search for “dog food recommendations” will return many results and advice for choosing the right dog food. Unless your dog is on a special diet or has specific allergies, look for a dog food that contains real meat as the top ingredient. Avoid corn and corn meal as this typically indicates an unhealthy food. Corn is proven to be difficult for dog’s to digest, and is most commonly used as an inexpensive filler in dog food, with little nutritional value.

The entire article can be read here.

I would add one more to this list.  I feel that dog training is important.  This helps to stimulate a dog’s mind and makes its life more interesting.

Do you follow a dog health guide?  I feel that just reading about habits we should follow is helpful.  Thanks for any comments you want to leave.


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