Dog Food Nutrition – Is Your Dog Food Hurting Your Dog?

Dog Food Nutrition – Is the dog food you are feeding your dog actually hurting your dog?  Do we even care? 

I know the answer to this last question.  We are reading this blog.  We all care very deeply for our dogs. 

I’m sure you are just like me.  I love my little dog.  I will do anything for him.  I make sure that he gets excellent daily exercise.  I provide him a comfortable, dry place to stay both day and night.  I give him plenty of attention and affection each day.  I make sure that he is protected by proper shots and vaccinations.  I make sure he never runs out of clean, fresh water.  He is completely dependent on me and my wife.

And I am absolutely certain that he is fed the very best dog food nutrition each day.

How do I know this?  I won’t go into all of them here.  I have discussed them on many posts on this blog.

I have fed my dog healthy dog food, healthy dog treats, and dog nutritional supplements from the same vendor for at least 7 years. 

Although he is closing in on 9 years old, people think he is still a puppy.  That’s the way he looks.  He is very fit.  He walks with me every morning for 2-4 miles and is very willing to go more.  He never has any health problems.

I believe completely in the company that sells all of the products we feed him.  All the products are formulated by a veterinary nutritionist who has been with the company since its inception.  I have spoken with her many times face to face.  She has only the best interest of the pet at heart.  The company’s products have never been recalled. 

I read a recent article on dog food nutrition.  Actually it is more of a sales page.  It’s called “Is Your Dog Food Hurting Your Dog?”  It is written by Dave Baker, editor and publisher of Pets Adviser. 

On this page, Mr. Baker promotes his new book entitled No-Nonsense Dog Nutrition.

Here is a short quote from the page:

A lot of risky stuff that has been banned
for human consumption is 100% legal in dog foods.

Not only that, but did you know that…

Just because it says Gourmet, Premium, Ultra-Premium or Vet-Approved on the bag doesn’t mean the dog food is actually any healthier?
Animal byproducts can include heads, beaks and even feathers and still be considered protein?
China learned NOTHING from the 2007 recalls, and is cooking up dangerous new ways to taint our dog food supply just to save a few bucks?
Manufacturers are allowed to slip diseased animal parts — potentially even roadkill — into dog food? YUCK!

Our dogs are supposed to be our best friends, but judging by the dangerous array of products on grocery store shelves, we certainly don’t seem to be feeding them that way.

Doesn’t your dog deserve better?

The entire page can be read here.

I don’t know if you will consider buying Mr. Baker’s book.  I have not bought it at this time.  I don’t feel that I need to, but it would be interesting to find out what he says.

I don’t know if I will agree with everything in his book, but I do agree with what he writes in his article.  So I highly encourage you to read it.

I wish Mr. Baker the very best in selling his book.  But I promise you that it will not change the way I feel about the healthy dog food, treats, and supplements I feed my dog.

Please let me know what you think?  Will you consider buying this book?  Thanks for any comments.

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