Dog Food Nutrition – Are Table Scraps OK for Dogs?

Dog Food Nutrition – Is it OK for us to feed our dogs scraps from the table?  Some people say that table scraps cause no problems for our dogs as long as they are nutritious and balanced. 

I think you how I feel on this topic.  I am against feeding my dog any leftovers from our table.

I feed my dog a very nutritious, healthy dog food.  I have extremely high confidence in the vendor’s dog food that I buy.  I know that my dog gets very high quality dog food nutrition in each meal. 

I know that the food that my dog eats is very balanced.  I know the veterinarian who formulated the dog food and all the dog treats and supplements.  In fact, I have talked with her face to face on several occasions.  I have complete respect for her and completely understand that she knows what she is doing.  Her focus is on what is best for each pet.

So if my dog’s food is balanced, why would I want to give him table scraps and throw his nutrition out of balance?  So that is a primary reason why I don’t want to give my dog table scraps.

Here is another reason to not give table scraps to my dog.  There are several foods that a dog cannot tolerate in his system.  These foods include onions, garlic, tomatoes, foods that are fried, and any foods containing sugar.

I read a recent article on this topic.  It is entitled “Foods that are Dangerous for Dogs” by Dr. Basil Sands.  Dr. Sands is in the camp of saying that table food is OK as long as it is nutritious.  But how do we know that the food is right for our dogs?  How do we know that the dog food nutrition from the table is in balance with the regular dog food meal the dog has eaten?  Here is a short quote:

As a profession today, the majority of vets are against feeding table food to dogs.

However, I fall within the minority and don’t have a strong objection against table food as long as it is healthy table food.

Most people feed table food that are leftovers from a meal (fats, bones, carbohydrates like rice, pasta, etc).

This can often cause obesity, upset stomach, vomiting and diarrhea. All through my school years I was taught that people food was not good for animals. However, having studied nutrition from a health/bodybuilding/ fitness point of view, I am of the strong belief that once people food is balanced and healthy (for example lean meats, grains, vegetables, fibre) it is okay to feed to your dogs. If you are interested in adding people food or fresh food to your dog’s diet, it is recommended that you gradually do so. This is because most dogs have sensitive stomachs and will vomit, have diarrhea, or have a lot of gas/flatulence. Also slipping foods to your dog from the table while you are eating is a sure way to create a begging nuisance; so feed your dog only from his own dish at his own mealtime. There are some foods that we eat that should not be given to dogs because they are either outright toxic or unhealthy for some reason.

Here is the complete article.  I recommend you read it.

What are your thoughts on this topic?  Do you feed your dog table scraps?

Scott Hubbard is a long time pet lover. For the last 40 years, dogs have been a major part of his family.

He has dedicated the last 8 years of his life to finding the best products for pet health and dog food nutrition. You can reach him directly by calling toll-free 877-878-4036 or by emailing him at

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