Dog Food and Salmonella–Inspection of Diamond Pet Food Plant

Dog food and salmonella – The Diamond Pet Food plant in Gaston, SC has been inspected by the FDA.

This is the plant where salmonella poisoning has apparently contaminated some Diamond pet food.  The preliminary findings of the inspection are very disturbing. 

I like to read the posts written in the blog,  The author, Susan Thixton, stays right on top of issues related to pet food.  She is all over the topic of dog food and salmonella.

The article is “The Plot Thickens, Clues to Big Issues.”  This post quotes some of the FDA report.  It raises several questions not answered by the FDA.  Ms. Thixton mentions questions raised by Phyllis Entis in discussing the FDA report.  Here is a partial quote of the article:

Phyllis Entis – Food Bug Lady – was the first to bring this FDA inspection report to my attention.  Phyllis has some VERY significant questions of Diamond and FDA that deserve answers.  Just some of her questions…

“Can anyone tell me how this company, with its self-proclaimed attention to product quality and safety, managed to miss the ongoing presence of Salmonella Infantis in its finished products for at least four months?

Can anyone tell me how the “highly respected independent laboratory that audits the company on a regular basis missed the cardboard and duct tape used on equipment in the Gaston plant, and also missed the deteriorating gaskets and the damaged paddles?

And, can anyone tell me why the FDA report does not mention sampling the production environment, ingredients or finished products as part of their week-long inspection?”

Ms. Thixton has a few questions of her own as she writes:

The FDA inspection report specifically mentions the ingredient “animal fat” and “animal digest”.  Is this an FDA clue to bigger issues?  Per the ingredient statements of every pet food recalled made at this Diamond South Carolina plant, neither of these ingredients are listed in the ingredient panel (at least my search of each brand did not find any).  Not one cat food or dog food has the ingredients animal fat or animal digest listed.

The entire article can be found here.  I encourage you to read the complete article.  I am sure that much more will follow regarding the dog food and salmonella issue and the Diamond dog food recall 2012.

These are some very interesting questions that Ms. Thixton brings up.  Animal fat and animal digest are not listed as ingredients for any of the recalled food.  Why are they being mentioned by the FDA?  Are these inferior ingredients actually in some of the pet foods?

I encourage you to not take chances with inferior dog food.  You should trust the best quality dog food from a vendor whose food and products have never been recalled.

What do you think about this dog food and salmonella issue?  Should you continue buying dog and cat food from vendors who have had recalls in the last few years?  I don’t think you should.

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