Dog Distemper Virus – A Deadly Disease

Dog distemper virus is one of the most deadly diseases facing our dogs

This virus is not limited to the United States.  It is fairly common throughout the world.

For those infected by the dog distemper virus, it is fatal in 50% of the cases.  It spreads very quickly to the lymphatic tissue and then to the blood stream.  It can then affect the lungs, bladder, and intestines. 

Preventative care is critical in keeping your dog safe from the disease.  Vaccines and shots are administered for the dog’s protection.  Vaccines can be effective for many years, up to the lifetime of the dog.

Because of the importance of preventing this dog distemper virus, I went to to learn more about the disease.  I found an article entitled “Distemper:  Canine Distemper Virus.”

It was a very informative article and I recommend that you read it.  Here is a short quote:

Canine distemper virus is an RNA virus from the morbillivirus family. In humans, measles is caused by a member of this virus family. Distemper virus is more likely to affect puppies than older dogs. This is probably due immunity acquired through canine distemper virus vaccination or exposure to the virus naturally, leading to immunity. It can affect dogs of any age, though. It causes very variable clinical signs which makes ruling it out in a young sick dog a difficult process. In some dogs a transient fever, perhaps accompanied by a lack of appetite or mild depression may be the only signs of onset of distemper. Other dogs are affected by a systemic illness with nasal and ocular discharges, coughing, fever, depression, lack of appetite, vomiting and diarrhea. It is not uncommon for dogs to have some but not all signs associated with this disease.

The article ended by saying:  

The incidence of canine distemper infections is much lower than in the past. Good vaccination practices are almost certainly a big part of the reduction in cases of distemper. It is still present all over the world and continued vigilance on the part of veterinarians and dog owners is necessary to prevent a resurgence of this deadly illness.

The entire article can be read here.?  I strongly recommend that your dog get the required vaccinations  to prevent this deadly disease.

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