Dog Chicken Jerky Treats from China: An Update

Dog chicken jerky treats from China

We’ve all heard of the problems related to dog chicken jerky treats produced in China.  There have been thousands of illnesses reported after our dogs have eaten these chicken jerky dog treats.  In fact there have been 500 deaths related to these treats.

In this blog, I have complained about the failure of the FDA to properly address these issues on a prompt basis.

Since most of these tainted chicken jerky dog treats are manufactured in China, we are probably thinking that proper action has been taken to remove these treats from store shelves.  Unfortunately, this is not true. 

I read a recent article in the blog,  It is written by Susan Thixton, a real advocate for ensuring healthy food for our pets.  It is entitled, “Selective Enforcement.”  Is Beneful Dog Food Good for Dogs?

The article discusses the topic of dog chicken jerky treats from China.

Ms. Thixton discusses how a U.S. manufacturer of chicken jerky treats was charged with producing dangerous dog treats.  But the recall didn’t take place until five months after the FDA discovered the connection between the company’s  treats and the resulting health issues.

On the other hand, almost six years after dog health issues were discovered from dogs eating dog chicken jerky treats from China, the FDA finally reported this connection.

When this occurred, some U.S. retailers removed their treats (made in China) from store shelves.  But the Chinese companies never recalled their treats.  In fact, they continue to be shipped to the United States for dog consumption here.

Here is a quote from the article:

We’ve had several jerky treat recalls so far this year.  In January Chinese manufactured jerky treats were recalled or pulled from store shelves.  In February American manufactured jerky treats were recalled.  Two similar companies from two different countries.  You’re going to be surprised when the facts of the two recalls are compared.  It’s called ‘Selective Enforcement’ and it’s not good.

In January 2013, after almost six years of investigation, the New York Department of Agriculture found illegal drug residues in several brands of Chinese manufactured jerky treats.  At recall time, the FDA had received more than 3,000 reports of sick pets and more than 500 reports of dead dogs all linked to the Chinese manufactured treats.  Several U.S. private label importers recalled or withdrew their treats from store shelves, but the Chinese manufacturer(s) has not issued a recall.  The FDA has not issued one statement since the recalls.  No answer to the connection of more than 3,000 pet illnesses and no answer to more than 500 pet deaths.  No recalls or press releases listing the brand names of all the other jerky treats made by these same Chinese manufacturers.  Nothing.

One month later, we found the FDA really busy with an American jerky treat manufacturer.  They huffed and they puffed and they blew the American jerky treat house down.  Demanding the manufacturer and numerous private label brands recall.

And – not only did the FDA show regulatory muscle, they were quite public about it too.  It was almost as if they wanted to use Kasel Associates as an example.  Through multiple press releases and inspection reports and warning letters, it felt as if the FDA was saying…’Look out food manufacturers, we have power now, and we can bring you down.’

The entire article can be read here.  I strongly encourage you to read the entire article.

What are your thoughts on dog chicken jerky treats from China?  Did you know that stores still sell many of these tainted treats?  I recommend a vendor that produces the best quality dog food and treats.  Its products have never been recalled.   Thanks for your comments.

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