Do You Support Car Restraint for Dogs?

Car restraint for dogs

Do you support this?  What do I mean by car restraint for dogs?  There are many types of products offered.

I will tell you what I do.  I put a harness on my dog – the same harness I use when my dog and I walk 2-3 miles each morning.  I attach a relatively short strap or restraint belt to the harness and to the car seat belt which is in the locked position.

I do this on short and long trips.

As a result, my dog is safe and secure in the case of an accident.  He won’t be thrown into the front windshield or the back of the seat in front of him.  But he can move around a little and look out the window (to an extent).

Have I always been this picky in restraining my dog in a car?  Not at all.  I have taken long trips with my dog unrestrained in the back seat.  I have taken short trips around town with my dog unrestrained in the front seat.  Car Restraint for Dogs

So why did I change?  I read an article written by the Florham Park, New Jersey office of AAA.  It made a huge impact on me.  So much impact that I wrote about it.  You can read my article on dog health issues and also read the AAA article.  I encourage you to read my article.  Let me know if it affects you in the same way that it affected me.

I read another article in the  It’s entitled “NJ Bill Proposes: Seatbelt Your Dog or Face Animal Cruelty Charges” by Brandy Arnold.  She discusses the plusses and minuses for car restraint for dogs.

The bill that the NJ legislators are considering is receiving praise from some and ridicule from others.  Many are laughing at the bill.  After reading the AAA article, I am not laughing.

Here is a quote from the article:

New Jersey lawmakers are considering a new bill which would require pet owners to restrain their un-crated pets or face a $20 ticket and a possible animal cruelty charge that may include a civil penalty of up to $1,000.

The proposal, started by Assemblywoman L. Grace Spencer (D., Essex), has gained both support and ridicule. Typically, those who rarely travel with their pets or already restrain them are in support, while those that love the joy their dogs feel with their heads sticking out the window, drool flying and ears flapping, aren’t thrilled with the proposal.

The entire article can be read here.

What do you think about car restraint for dogs?  What do you think about the New Jersey bill?  But you must read my article first before you state your opinion.  Thanks for your comments.

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