Do Chinese Chicken Jerky Dog Treats Not Cause Dogs’ Illness?

Chinese chicken jerky dog treats

Are these treats not responsible for the many illnesses we have seen in our dogs over the last 5 years?

There have been 1,800 dog deaths and serious illnesses reported over that period.  These deaths and illnesses were linked by the owner to the dog eating Chinese chicken jerky dog treats.

These 1,800 incidents were reported.  There were probably many more that were not reported.

The FDA just announced the results of tests it has run related to these 1,800 incidents.  There findings show only a limited number of toxins in these treats.

So does that mean that all is well?  Does this mean that our dogs can eat these Chinese chicken jerky dog treats with no concern about potential illnesses?  I hardly think so.

I feel very strongly that there is something wrong with the tests being run by the FDA.  But I don’t feel that the FDA is to blame of this.  For one thing, there weren’t many tests run.  Also, the FDA’s tests looked only for a few toxins.

I certainly hope this doesn’t mean the end of the FDA tests.  There is something in these Chinese chicken jerky dog treats that is causing the deaths and serious illnesses in our dogs.  They need to step up their tests and find out the cause of these incidents.

There is one other thing that I find very strange about the FDA findings.  It has refused to release the detailed findings related to the inspection of Chinese plants that make these treats.  It was certainly willing to release similar findings related to the Diamond Pet Food plants here in the United States.  What’s going on here?

I read the article, “FDA data dump shows few toxins in jerky treats; complaints rise to 1,800” put out by NBC News.  I recommend that you read the entire article.

Here is a quote:

At the same time, new FDA figures indicate that the number of complaints of animal illnesses and deaths blamed on the treats has risen to more than 1,800, according to Tamara Ward, an agency spokeswoman.

The lab results show a mere handful of adverse findings related to the popular Chinese-made treats. None of the reports rose to the level of needing regulatory action, such as a recall, the documents indicate.

This does not represent ALL testing that has and is being conducted by FDA,” Ward said in an email. “Additional testing is currently being conducted through other avenues.”

The FDA released the data a day after reported that the agency had refused to release results of February inspections of the Chinese plants that make the treats. The agency said releasing the information would violate rules protecting trade secrets and confidential commercial information and that it would interfere with enforcement proceedings. That data remains confidential.

You can read the entire article here.

What is your opinion of the Chinese chicken jerky dog treats?  Do you think there is more to this problem than the FDA has found?  Thanks for your comments.

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