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How Old is a Dog in Human Years?

How old is a dog in human years? I had always heard that you multiply a dog’s age by 7 to convert to human age.  That would mean that my 9 year old dog, Romeo, is 63 years old in … Continue reading

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Just How Smart is Your Dog? A Story of a Real Smart Dog

How smart is your dog? We all know that some breeds of dogs are considered smarter than others.  I’ve always heard that Poodles and German Shepherds are intelligent dogs.  Others say that Golden Retrievers and Border Collies have a very … Continue reading

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Adopt a Dog-Save a Life if You Adopt an Older Dog

Adopt a dog-save a life, especially if you adopt an older dog.  Do you believe this?  I sure do. I’ve talked with several dog shelter owners.  Every one of them admits that if a dog must be euthanized, it is … Continue reading

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